The New Savage 110 Trail Hunter Lite

There are plenty of lever-action and semi-automatic hunting rifles on the market today, but if long-range accuracy and power are paramount, nothing replaces a good bolt-action rifle. Savage Arms built its name on bolt guns, ranging from feature-filled precision rifles to bare-bones models meant for the up-and-coming hunter. What often can’t be said about a bolt gun is that it is lightweight, but the new Savage 110 Trail Hunter Lite is an answer for hunters who need a bolt gun that won’t weigh down the pack.

savage 110 trail hunter lite
Savage is putting their 110 Trail Hunter rifle on a diet with the new Trail Hunter Lite. [Savage Arms]
The Model 110 is Savage’s flagship bolt gun, and the 110 Lite combines the same bulletproof features of the base model with a lighter, more ergonomic, and weatherproof construction. You get the choice of either a threaded medium heavy or heavy sporter barrel mated to a tungsten Cerakote-finished stainless steel receiver and a Hogue overmolded stock that provides maximum grip with both hands and is impervious to fluctuating weather conditions. The Trail Hunter Lite is also a full pound lighter than the 110 Trail Hunter.

“We are very excited to introduce the next evolution of the 110 Trail Hunter as Savage continues to bolster its lineup of firearms designed for hunters,” Savage’s Director of Marketing, Beth Shimanski, remarked. “The 110 Trail Hunter Lite is another great partnership with Hogue and brings all of the toughness of the original 110 Trail Hunter, with decreased weight to ensure it’s easier to carry afield.”

The 110 Trail Hunter Lite features a three-position safety: one position for firing, one that allows the action to be worked, and a safe position that locks up the bolt and trigger. The rifle comes with a two-piece unbridged segment of Weaver rail for mounting and optic, as well as one detachable box magazine. The 110 Trail Hunter Lite comes in a number of chamberings, but most models come with a 20-inch barrel and a 4+1 capacity. Calibers range from 5.56 NATO to .450 Bushmaster. There is also a .350 Legend model that sports a shorter 18-inch barrel. All models are now shipping and have an MSRP of only $669.

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