Guns of Bad Boys: Big Booms

The "Bad Boys" series of movies just might be some of the best cop shows made. Is it realistic? No. Is it full of random side stories and crazy shootouts? Yes. Check out five cool guns highlighted in the films.

Guns of Young Guns: Western Pew Pew

There are plenty of firearms in Young Guns. And firefights. And trick shots. Check out our top 5 guns to make an appearance in this Western film.

Sisu — Rage, Determination, and Killing the Enemy

Sisu is a film nobody's really talking about, but they should be. It's a historical action film with a very simple story that's almost impossible to really spoil. It's one of the most fun movies I've seen in a long game.

Guns of Heat – So Much More Than a Heist Film

Based loosely on the story of an ex-Alcatraz inmate who pulled a number of heists in the 1960s, "Heat" remains one of the greatest crime dramas ever to hit the big screen.

Clint Eastwood’s Best Shots

Clint Eastwood's Western and action/drama films have shaped the American view of Western films for generations. Here's a look at his coolest and best shots.

Man On Fire — Burn It Down

Man On Fire is the type of action film we don't get anymore. It's a grounded action flick with a purpose and plot that's intriguing with twists and turns.

Hollywood and the Sci-Fi Guns: Modern Firearms in Sci-Fi

Many real-world firearms have served as sci-fi guns in movies and series, this article will examine five of them.

Guns of The Wild Bunch – The Classic Revisionist Western

Set at the sunset of the frontier, the 1969 Revisionist Western Classic, The Wild Bunch, features a number of iconic Western firearms.

Lone Survivor: Guns, Grenades, and RPGs

Here's a look at the guns used in the movie "Lone Survivor" along with a reminder to never forget the men who gave their lives for our country during the Operation Red Wings mission.

The Top 5 Over the Top Gun Guy Movies

A film that takes itself seriously with poor gun handling just feels lazy. On the flip side, when a movie is over the top in gun-handling skills without any attempt at being a serious film, it can be a fun romp. Today we're looking at the best over-the-top action flicks for gun guys and gals.

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