Carl Staas is a former Police Sergeant from West Central Missouri. He spent 17 years in law enforcement, performing routine patrol, investigations, evidence management, and finished his career as a patrol Sergeant and field training officer. He's an FBI LEEDA Trilogy recipient and tactical driving instructor. He doesn't know everything about guns, but he's always trying to learn more!

Outfitter G3 now in 360 Buckhammer

Hunters across the country have been longing for a single-shot rifle chambered in the heralded 360 Buckhammer, and Traditions answered the call.

The Barrett REC7 DI Rifle is Back!

Is there another name out there that is more synonymous with reaching out and touching something at long distances than Barrett? Maybe that is because they hand-build, test, and inspect each rifle before it ever leaves the factory, ensuring perfection.

Springfield Armory Introduces Long-Action 2020 Waypoints

In 2021, Springfield Armory released its 2020 Waypoint bolt-action rifle series after years of research and development. Since their release, the rifles have been heralded as some of the best high-caliber bolt-action rifles on the market. Now, in 2024, the Waypoint family is growing again with the introduction of 20 new variations of the 2020 Waypoint rifle line in a long-action variety.

Sig Sauer and Glock: A Novice’s Journey

When I entered the world of firearms and started shooting handguns, a Sig Sauer P226 was all I knew. Before I bought that Sig, I had never fired a handgun. Of course, I knew there were other makes and models out there, but I kind of felt like all handguns were pretty much the same. […]

Real Avid Releases Gun Cleaning Tools and Kits

As we all know, Real Avid has been one of the leaders in home gun maintenance. New for 2024, they have announced the release of two new kits for your gun cleaning needs. 

Policing Then and Now: Times Are Changing

As time marches on, the expectations and opinions of law enforcement change, evolve, and in some ways cycle. How do we keep up with the ever-changing environment to continue providing the best service we can to our ever-changing society?

Assessing the Threat: Law Enforcement Training and Response

When putting on the uniform, we take an oath each day to protect and serve. But we can't do it based on instinct alone. Consistent and accurate training is key to success in the law enforcement field.

Balancing Duty and Humility: Kindness and Professionalism in an Evolving World

Kindness and courtesy, on both sides of the fence, go a long way. As officers, we must remain objective and kind, no matter the hurdles we face.

Stories From the Squad Car: How to Assist Law Enforcement as a Bystander

What can bystanders do to support and assist officers who continue to dedicate their lives to protecting and serving the communities they work in? Let's talk about it. We need to talk about it.

Stories From The Squad Car: Balancing the Badge

We’ve all heard of it before, but what is "work-life balance?" And what does that look like for those of us in law enforcement? Here are some suggestions. Find what works for you, but constantly monitor it and be willing to adjust to your changing needs.

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