Ruger PC Carbine: Field Stripping and Cleaning

Do you have a Ruger PC Carbine but haven’t cleaned it yet? The PC is not hard to disassemble, but it does require more work than some other types of rifles. You can put a lot of rounds through some modern guns before they need cleaning. 

Real Avid: Gun Oil and Cleaning Supplies Worth Checking Out

From cleaning mats to tools, oils, and everything in between, Real Avid offers a wide selection of products to help care for your firearms. Let's take a look at some of the best Real Avid gun cleaning products currently available.

Field Stripping, Cleaning, and Shooting the Grand Power 10mm Stribog SP10A3

After some extensive time on the range with the Grand Power Stribog SP10A3, I've discovered it's easy to field strip and clean. This weapon's disassembly is also remarkably easy and intuitive.

Breakthrough Clean Technologies Announces New Suppressor Cleaning Kit

Breakthrough Cleaning Technologies offers a number of rifle, pistol, and shotgun cleaning kits that include their effective and inoffensive no-order solvent and gun oil. Now BCT has assembled a kit specifically for maintaining suppressors, muzzle brakes, and compensators where a conventional bore cleaning kit falls short.

Beginner’s Guide to Cleaning and Maintaining a Striker-fired Handgun

Striker-fired pistols are a breed of their own. Here's some tips and tricks on how to clean your striker-fired pistol and get through the process safely and efficiently.

Gun Butter, True Blue, and Extreme Force: Is Synthetic Gun Oil Better?

Is synthetic gun oil better? We take a look at a few to include Gun Butter, True Blue, and Extreme Force synthetic gun oils. Here's our impressions on how they performed.

Improving the Mossberg 930 SPX Shotgun with OR3Gun Components

I first became acquainted with the Mossberg 930 SPX at Gunsite about 15 years ago. It had a lot going for it: 7+1 rounds of 12 gauge, a stubby 18.5-inch cylinder bore barrel, ghost ring sights, and a factory-installed Picatinny rail, all cloaked in a purposeful matte black. And, since it was semi-auto, I noticed just how fast it could be while doing a Rolling Thunder drill on the line.

Barrel Break-In Processes: Are They Mandatory for Rifles?

I've talked with people who are absolutely, positively convinced that unless you engage in a lengthy, complex process that takes many hours and possibly a few shooting sessions at the range, your rifle will not shoot worth a damn.

Lights, Lasers, and Optics: Are Your Batteries Organized?

Batteries are a necessity of modern times. With options galore, how do you keep them organized? Here's a few tricks to keep your battery-powered electronics running along with your sanity when you need one.

Real Avid Speed Stand Fold and Go: Do You Need One?

This may not be one of those “must have” tools on your list, but I would certainly suggest considering it. It’s great for cleaning and making repairs, but I have used it the most for adding accessories. Attaching lights, pressure plates, red dots, scopes, or changing batteries in optics.

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