Steph Martz is a Veteran of the full time MNARNG force as a Small Arms Repairer and worked to bolster their marksmanship team. Mainly a technical writer and gunsmith within the Federal world she comes with many armorer classes under her belt such as KAC, Glock, every FN weapon in the book, and Small Arms Weapons Expert (SAWE). So, sorry to bore you with the knowledge that actually make firearms shoot. Currently heavily into the long range world she competes in National Rifle League Hunter and various Gas Gun Precision Series.

Carrier Key Replacement: The Parts and Tools Needed

When it comes to replacing your damaged or loose carrier key there are a few things you'll want to have before digging in.

Those Little Numbers on the Ameriglo Sights, What do they Mean?

Sometimes the labeling can be a bit confusing. Here is a simple way how to read both your front and rear Ameriglo sights.

Stephanie Kwolek: Inventor of Kevlar

Stephanie Kwolek was a confident and ambitious woman who didn't want to be a chemist at all, but her work has saved countless lives. Meet the lady who brought you Kevlar.

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