AllTerra Arms V4-T Muzzle Brake: Tunable Harmonics

AllTerra Arms has announced the availability a tunable version of their V4 Muzzle Brake: the AllTerra V4-T Muzzle Brake. Cuz T's for tunable. 

Tyrant Designs Suppressor & Co-witness Height Sights

Tyrant Designs has upgraded its offerings for sights to include suppressor and co-witness sights. These Suppressor Height + Co-Witness sights are available for those who field a pistol suppressor or red dot-equipped Glock pistol. Tyrant Designs Suppressor Height Sights for Glock Pistols Acquire targets faster and easier with Tyrant Designs CNC Glock compatible suppressor height […]

Strike Industries Aluminum EMP for Glocks

Extend your Glock's capacity with the Strike Industries Aluminum Extended Magazine Plate (EMP).

Customize your P365 with Sig’s Spectre Comp Slide

According to Sig, the integrated compensator on the Spectre Comp Slide helps reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil by up to as much as 30%.

Springfield Armory M1A Rifles in Two-Tone Desert FDE

The Springfield Armory M1A is the semi-automatic, civilian-legal version of the classic military M14. This rifle is chambered in 308 Win.

Night Fision Tritium Sights | Designed To Be Run With Pistol Optics

Night Fision Sights are engineered with the new blade heights and a more comprehensive array of optics and handgun combinations.

Federal’s Personal Defense Force X2 Shorty 00 Buckshot

Interested in getting a larger number of shotshells into your 12-gauge shotgun? Take a closer look at Federal's Force X2 Shorty shotshells.

Dead Air Silencers Sierra-5 Suppressor

The Sierra-5 suppressor from Dead Air Silencers is made for tactical shooters and hunters alike. Two models are available; here are the specs.

Strike Industries Threaded Barrel for Glock G19/G19X

Adding a threaded barrel to your Glock 19 or G19X will make it more versatile. Check out this option from Strike Industries.

Hard Head Veterans Micro Lattice Pads: Shock Absorbers For Your Lid

Hard Head Veterans is proud to showcase their new Micro Lattice Pads; designed to have superior energy absorption and reduce injury.

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