Top Handgun Lights for 2024

We've put together a totally subjective list of the best weapon light options of 2024 based on personal experience and that of a few trusted colleagues.

Top 5 Weapon-Mounted Lights

If you’re not sure where to start picking a weapon-mounted light, don’t worry: we’re here to help. Check out our selection of the top 5 weapon-mounted lights for your self-defense gun.

Dry Fire Online – Extremely Awesome Training

While it's not free, Dry Fire Online costs about the same as a box of CCI .22LR, so it's still pretty affordable. You get a free week to check it out, so you can at least see if it's for you before plunking down your dinero.

G-Shock Watches: A Side-by-Side Comparison

I love G-Shock watches. They're reliable, comfortable, and durable to boot. Today, we'll do a bit of a side-by-side comparison of the Rangeman to the Frogman and determine if one is better than the other.

The Future of Revolver Reloading With Zeta6

Zeta6 makes a variety of revolver reloading devices that are arguably more of a speed strip than a speed loader, but they blend elements of both types of loaders in some cases. And, they make reloading your revolver quick, which can be pretty dang important.

Review: Holosun LS117R AR-15 Compact Red Laser Sight

Need a compact laser for your AR-15? If so, check out the Holosun LS117R compact red laser.

The Sig Sauer Foxtrot365XR: A Bright Little Weapon Light

The Foxtrot365XR is the latest light for the P365 series of weapon lights, and as far as I can tell, it's the most powerful Sig Sauer P365 light on the market.

Top Five Tactical Watches

I'll come clean and admit that I'm somewhat of a watch junky. Which is to say, I have several watches that I really love and think the world of. As such, I've put together a list of my favorite tactical watches currently on the market.

Candela vs Lumens: What Are They and Why Care?

The amount of flashlights available today can be overwhelming. Candela vs lumens is a common comparison when considering what light to purchase. So, what's their importance and why should we care?

Surefire X300 Series: Everything You Need to Know

The Surefire X300 has come a long over the years. We discuss and compare three of their offerings — the original X300 Ultra, the current X300 Ultra, and the X300 Turbo — to help you find one that works for you.

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