Jim Davis served in the PA Dept. of Corrections for 16 ½ years as a corrections officer in the State Correctional Institute at Graterford and later at SCI Phoenix. He served on the Corrections Emergency Response Team (CERT), several of those years as a sniper, and also the Fire Emergency Response Team (FERT). For 25 years, he was a professional instructor, teaching topics including Defensive Tactics, Riot Control and Tactical Operations, Immediate Responder, and cognitive programs as an adjunct instructor at the DOC Training Academy. He was then promoted to the title of corrections counselor, where he ran a caseload and facilitated cognitive therapy classes to inmates. His total service time was close to 29 years. He was involved in many violent encounters on duty, including incidents of fatalities.

Custom AR-15 Pistol From Xtreme Gun Worx — Check It Out!

Today we'll take a look at the custom AR-15 pistol from Xtreme Gun Worx as well as the advantages and drawbacks of the AR pistol platform.

M-1A Scout Squad Rifle How Does It Measure Up?

Considering its advanced age, is the Springfield Armory M-1A still relevant today? Let's take a look at the Scout Squad version and see.

Colion Noir: Should You Carry The .380 For Defense?

Colion Noir shows us both the good and the bad points of using a .380 for defensive purposes and how we can incorporate it into our lives.

Shooter Development — the Eleanor Drill by Sage Dynamics

The Sage Dynamics Eleanor Drill is designed to improve a rapid transition from precision to practical accuracy. Here's how it works.

GoDark Faraday Bag — Stopping 1984 In Its Tracks!

From hackers and phishers to overreaching big brothers and foreign actors, lots of people want your data. Enter the GoDark Faraday Bag.

The Skallywag Tactical Guardian — Serrated Stabbiness

The Guardian from Skallywag Tactical is a unique blade that was designed to perform to a tactical methodology of use. Here are the details.

Blackhawk Commando Chest Rig — Modular, Versatile, and Reliable

The Blackhawk Commando Chest Rig is an old design but should not be discounted, whether for your loadbearing needs or as a loaner.

Mini-14 Stainless Factory Folder – A-Team Standard Issue

The Mini-14 Factory Folder is aesthetically pleasing, effective, and cool. We strongly suggest picking one of these up if available.

DeSantis Inside Heat — Smith and Wesson CSX Holster

The DeSantis Inside Heat is a great option if you're looking for a Smith and Wesson CSX holster. Here's what Jim Davis thinks of his.

7 Quality Knives Priced Under $100

We're hitting the sweet spot between $10 gas station knives and high-dollar models. Here are 7 quality knives that serve well, but won't break the bank.

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