Patti Miller is one of the most awesome females in the tactical/firearm (or any) industry. Imagine a tall, hawt, dangerous Laura Ingalls Wilder type with cool hair and a suppressed blaster and you'll be getting the idea. What's interesting is that in addition to being a willing brawler and intrepid adventuress, she's also an Ent/Ogier level gardener and a truly badass baker.

1791 Gunleather — Two Holsters for the SAR9 Compact X

These 1791 Gunleather holsters are compatible with SAR9 Compact X pistols and offer Kydex-like retention with the comfort of leather.

CZ Varmint Precision Chassis MTR in .22LR

CZ has upgraded the 457 Varmint Precision Trainer MTR to include the 457 Varmint Precision Chassis MTR in 22 LR.

Tyrant Designs Suppressor & Co-witness Height Sights

Tyrant Designs has upgraded its offerings for sights to include suppressor and co-witness sights. These Suppressor Height + Co-Witness sights are available for those who field a pistol suppressor or red dot-equipped Glock pistol. Tyrant Designs Suppressor Height Sights for Glock Pistols Acquire targets faster and easier with Tyrant Designs CNC Glock compatible suppressor height […]

Customize your P365 with Sig’s Spectre Comp Slide

According to Sig, the integrated compensator on the Spectre Comp Slide helps reduce muzzle flip and felt recoil by up to as much as 30%.

U.S. Army Selects Sig Sauer Ammo in $157 Million Contract

In all, the Army hopes to have around 2,600 rifles in the field. The Sig Sauer ammo fits right in line with their plans for keeping the soldier's systems up to date and relevant

Risk Assessment: A Message to All Gun Owners | Armed and Styled

Risk assessment is a process we go through every day, from driving our car to our EDC. Here are the basic steps for firearm risk mitigation.

XS Sights for Springfield XD OSP and Tisas Duty PX-9

XS Sights has upgraded their standard-height DXT2 Big Dot and R3D night sights for the Springfield XD OSP and Tisas Duty PX-9 Pistols.

Maxim Defense DRF .22 Suppressor and Frangible Ammo

Maxim Defense continues to roll out new products. Among them, a .22lr suppressor and frangible ammo in 9mm and 5.56x45mm. Check 'em out!

Taurus G3 Tactical

The G3 Tactical pistol comes ready for duty with design features that accept key user-installed aftermarket upgrades.

Federal Ammunition Punch in 22 WMR

The Federal Punch line of ammo includes 22 WMR, making rimfire cartridges a viable self-defense option. Here are the details.

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