Vortex Releases Ballistic-Rated Sunglasses

Vortex, a name synonymous with quality, has expanded its apparel lineup with two new sunglasses options. The new sunglasses were designed to give consumers a new option between hyper-tactical eyewear and usually uncomfortable safety eye protection.

The sunglasses are currently available in two models, the Banshee and the Jackal, and are constructed from ballistic-rated materials that hold up against vigorous activities. They feature polarized lenses that cut glare and reduce eye strain, while the anti-scratch coating helps lower the chance of obstructive marks for daily use. The lenses are also shatter-resistant to protect your eyes from impacts or high-speed projectiles.

Vortex Sunglasses Banshee
Vortex expanded its apparel offerings to include sunglasses. With features like ballistic-grade polarized lenses, the sunglasses can be worn all around and at the range. [Photo: Vortex]
“We’ve always been in the business of helping our customers see the world better, and now we’re taking that vision to a whole new level,” said Joe Hamilton, Vortex CEO. “This new eyewear category embodies the same commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction that has made us an industry leader in sport optics. And, backed by our legendary VIP Warranty, we guarantee to protect your eyewear for life.”

The Vortex sunglasses offer a lightweight and flexible design aimed at keeping you comfortable during all-day wear without strain. They include a non-slip bridge and temple pieces to keep them in place. As with many sunglasses and shooting glasses, the Vortex options offer 100% UV protection with an anti-reflective and smudge-resistant coating to reduce unnecessary reflections and blemishes.

Vortex Jackal model Sunglasses
The two models, Banshee shown first and the Jackal above, offer 100% UV protection, Vortex’s VIP Warranty, and different lens color options. [Photo credit: Vortex]
The Banshee model is said to be comfortable enough for town visits but still withstand unexpected ricochets on the range, keeping your eyes protected in all scenarios. The Jackal model offers a go-anywhere style with the protection you need from start to finish. With a lifetime VIP Warranty from Vortex, the Banshee and the Jackal provide a casual look with the protection and quality you’d expect from the Vortex name. Both models are available with Smoke or Amber lenses and Black frames, while the Jackal shows an option for Blue Smoke lenses on the website. The Vortex sunglasses are available now with an MSRP of $179.99.

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