Bond Arms Stinger Fireball .22 MAG: New for 2024

Bond Arms has announced the release of its newest Stinger .22 Magnum with the Stinger Fireball. With updates from the original design, the new Fireball is a great new addition to the full line of derringers.

Keeping the size and function of its predecessors, the Fireball is constructed with an anodized lightweight 7075 aluminum Stinger frame. The receiver, also constructed from 7075 aluminum, is compatible with other Bond Arms barrels, like other models, just not the original hand cannon, Cyclops, or Stinger RS barrels. The Stinger Fireball features a 3″ barrel, perfect for this little pistol, keeping its overall length to just 5.5 inches.

Bond Arms Stinger Fireball
Bond Arms released its newest Stinger with the Fireball chambered in .22 MAG. The derringer features a 3″ barrel, B6 resin grips, and a two-shot capacity. [Photo credit: Bond Arms]
Like other recent offerings from Bond, the Stinger Fireball features a low-profile break action lever on the left-hand side but retains the same positioning and functions. The grip is a B6 resin extended grip for a better feel in the hand and a comfortable shooting experience. Featuring a black finish on the frame and silver barrel, the two-tone design is unique in Bond Arms’ family of weapons.

The .22 Mag or .327 Fed Mag chambering of the pistol might not be the first caliber that comes to mind for self-defense situations. Still, according to Bond Arms, the Stinger Fireball offers a heavy hit with just less force power than a standard non-+P 9mm ammunition. With fixed sights on the derringer and a slight 14.4-ounce total weight, the Stinger Fireball is an excellent choice for a small and lightweight derringer. With a two-shot capacity, it features a 7-pound trigger pull and trigger guard.

The Bond Arms Stinger Fireball offers a heavy hit with no difference in dimensions and function for users of a derringer. Available now, the Bond Arms Stinger Fireball derringer in .22 Mag has an MSRP of $389.

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