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22 WMR Ammunition

Introduced by Winchester in 1959, the .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire (WMR) cartridge, often called .22 Mag, is an enlarged version of the popular .22 Winchester Rimfire (WRF). Contrary to popular belief, the WMR cannot be used in weapons chambered for the 22 WRF – or any other caliber – safely. For many years, the WMR was the most powerful rimfire round in the world, until the introduction of the powerful .17 Winchester Super Magnum cartridge. Thanks to its manageable recoil, mild report, and reliable mid-range accuracy, the .22 WMR is well-liked and widely used in plinking and small-game hunting applications. Further, this powerful rimfire cartridge delivers dependable lethal performance on prairie dogs, rabbits, and squirrels – and is even used in self-defense applications. According to the Marshall and Sanow shooting studies based on police agency reports, the .22 WMR earned a “one shot stop” rating of 42%. In other words, in 42% of all cases in which it was used, the .22 WMR was able to stop an attacker from continuing their attack. Obviously, the .22 WMR doesn’t hold a candle in comparison to more powerful and dependable centerfire cartridges, but it does show that the .22 WMR is a viable self-defense round, especially for women and small-frame shooters who struggle to operate and deliver effective shots on target under the heavier recoil of personal-protection centerfire cartridges.

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