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Grand Power

Grand Power

Most American shooters have heard of Grand Power’s pistols, including the Stribog, the K100, P40, P45, and K22S, and for anyone who’s handled one, it’s “love at first shot.” Hailing from Slovakia and offering great features like rotating barrel designs with steel frames, interchangeable backstraps, front serrations, and low-profile slides, Grand Power’s pistols deliver superior performance, accuracy, and reliability at a price few competitors can match. Ready for combat, concealment, home defense or competition right out of the box, Grand Power’s pistols are precision engineered and built to last and proven through years of service by the Slovakian military and law enforcement.

While their flagship combat pistol, the K100, is available in a number of different calibers and configurations, they also offer models in hard-hitting 10mm like the P40 alongside the P45 in .45 ACP. There’s even a newer CP380 in .380 ACP, combining compact shootability with serious capacity and advanced ergonomics. Grand Power’s pistols are so highly regarded that they were imported and offered by STI International, and sold next to some of the most sought-after competition pistols on the market. The Grand Power K100—re-branded as the STI GP6—was a popular staple of the STI catalog for years. Grand Power’s pistols are now offered by Eagle Imports, with hard-to-find magazines available here at GunMag Warehouse. Shop our full collection of Grand Power magazines and accessories today!

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