The Springfield 2020 Rimfire: Now in Coyote and OD Green

Springfield Armory took a true detour when they launched their first rimfire rifle in their 2020 Target model. This magazine-fed bolt action rifle chambered in .22 LR is equally adept for small game hunting, varmint control, and entry-level competition. But like an old Model T, you could only get it in black. New for 2024 is the Springfield 2020 Target in coyote tan and OD green.

springfield 2020 rifles
Springfield Armory has announced new stock options for their 2020 Target rifle. [Springfield Armory]
The Springfield 2020 Target model comes equipped with a synthetic buttstock similar to the Waypoint 2020 centerfire rifles. The stock model came in a black finish, but now a version is available in coyote tan and olive drab green with black webbing to both suit a wider variety of shooter tastes and help the rifle blend into your surroundings when you have to stalk for a close shot. Otherwise, these new stocks have the same raised stippling on the forend and the elongated pistol grip.

Each model comes with all the same features rimfire shooters have learned to appreciate in the 2020 Target. It features a steady and free-floated 20-inch heavy profile barrel that is capable of delivering groups of one inch or less at 50 yards with the right ammo. It comes with an adjustable 4.5 lb. trigger based on the venerable Remington 700 and feeds from standard Ruger 10/22 magazines. The bolt is hardened 4140 steel and comes hard chromed for the best resistance to .22 rimfire residue and grit. The bolt handle is knurled and enlarged for quick cycling but is threaded in place so it can be removed for storage or otherwise replaced.

These new colors in the Springfield 2020 lineup ship with a single 10-round rotary magazine and have an MSRP of $499.

Terril is an economic historian with a penchant for all things firearm related. Originally a pot hunter hailing from south Louisiana, he currently covers firearms and reloading topics in print and on his All Outdoors YouTube page. When he isn't delving into rimfire ballistics, pocket pistols, and colonial arms, Terril can be found perfecting his fire-starting techniques, photographing wildlife, and getting lost in the archives.

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