GForce Unveils New Glock Clone: RPX9 Exodus

GForce Arms has announced the release of its newest handgun, the RPX9 Exodus. This new 9mm handgun is compact and has been engineered for compatibility with Glock parts, helping make the RPX9 Exodus both affordable and reliable.

As a benchmark for affordable compact pistols, the RPX9 Exodus taps into a large market of shooters, new and seasoned, thanks to the effortlessness required for function, loads of aftermarket parts, and the overall adaptable design. The sheer level of customization the pistol allows with aftermarket parts and at the price point means the sky is the limit for the end user. The user can swap out the barrel for any Gen 3 & 4 G19 option, different trigger systems, Glock sights, use PMAGs, and even the Gen 3 & 4 G19 slides.

GForce Arms RPX9 Exodus 9mm pistol
GForce Arms released its newest handgun, the 9mm RPX9 Exodus. This Glock clone-designed pistol features compatibility with aftermarket Gen 3 & 4 Glock 19 items, enhanced safety features, and comes from the factory with two 15-round magazines, all at the MSRP of just $299. [Photo credit: GForce Arms]
According to the company’s website, the RPX9 Exodus is built around a polymer frame and a 4140 steel slide. It regards safety highly, meaning the design includes a loaded chamber indicator, a trigger safety, and a firing pin safety. The slide features Glock Fiber Optic sights for easy target acquisition and front and side serrations for easy manipulations.

The handgun comes from the factory with two 15-round magazines for free states or load-restricted 10-round magazines for those stricter states. With its lightweight, compact design, a barrel of just over four inches, and an overall length of 7.3″, the RPX9 Exodus has an unloaded weight of a pound a third. The pistol is compatible with many different holster brands for the extra convenience of carrying.

The shooter-friendly handgun is both cost-efficient and customizable for a great pistol. The RPX9 Exodus has an MSRP of just $299 and comes with the company’s 5-year limited lifetime warranty, meaning the pistol is top-notch when it comes to reliability, durability, and functionality thanks to its Glock clone design.

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