CMMG Introduces DISSENT Br4: Compliant For 47 States

Dissent is generally meant to disagree with a majority opinion, and thus, it was decided to be a fitting name for CMMG’s new “ban-proof” rifle. The DISSENT Br4 was designed to be available to all Americans, and it was able to meet compliance in all but New York, Illinois, and Washington.

All Br4 rifles are compatible with Remington 870 pattern stocks and come standard with the Magpul SGA 870 stock.

By all accounts, it wasn’t an easy challenge to meet — it took years of hard work and dedication. But the company has announced the DISSENT Br4, which will be available at retail in July.

It features modern technology, handling, and ergonomics, while the Br4 lower is essentially a more traditional rifle version of CMMG’s Mk4 platform, designed to mimic classic rifle ergonomics yet still capable of accepting all Mk4 compatible DISSENT upper groups. Thanks to those features, the Br4 can ship to 47 states.

The Br4 incorporates more traditional rifle ergonomics, utilizing Remington 870 compatible stocks, but it ships with a Magpul SGA stock.

It isn’t short on modern features, offering a reversible cross-bolt safety that is easily accessed while gripping the Br4 from the new stock while incorporating a new ZEROED drop-in trigger designed by CMMG and built in conjunction with RISE Armament. The Br4 is offered in two barrel lengths depending on caliber, including 16.1 inches plus muzzle brake or 14.5 with a pinned and welded muzzle brake to bring the overall barrel length to 16.1 inches.

The Br4 DISSENT is available in 7 different calibers, with 2 of those having 16.1″ or 14.5″(pinned & welded to 16.1″) barrel lengths.

The Br4 further makes good use of the company’s patented Compact Action, negating the need for a traditional buffer and tube. It is also fitted with a forward non-reciprocating side charger and full-length M-Lok free-float handguard.

At the time of release, the Br4 will be available in seven calibers and seven Cerakote options. Calibers will include 5.56, .300 blackout, 9mm with conversion magazines, .350 Legend, 6.5 Grendel, 6mm ARC, and .22 ARC. Additional calibers will be released in the future. Cerakote colors include Armor Black, Sniper Grey, Charcoal Green, Coyote Tan, Midnight Bronze, Titanium, and Tungsten.

The CMMG DISSENT Br4 will ship in July with two magazines; the MSRP is $1,899.95.

Peter Suciu is a Michigan-based freelance writer who regularly covers firearms related topics and military history. As a reporter, his work has appeared in dozens of magazines, newspapers, and websites. Among those are The National Interest, Forbes, and many others. He has collected military small arms and military helmets most of his life, and just recently navigated his first NFA transfer to buy his first machine gun. He is co-author of the book A Gallery of Military Headdress, which was published in February 2019. It is his third book on the topic of military hats and helmets.

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