New Double-Stack Magazines from Nighthawk Custom

Nighthawk Custom has announced new additions to its magazine family of products. The new 9mm 17-round and 20-round double-stack magazines join a family of American-made magazines.

Constructed from heat-treated and tempered stainless steel for strength and durability, the new Nighthawk Custom double-stack magazine tubes are also corrosion-resistant for longevity. The magazines have been designed, engineered, and tested to be the most reliable and durable options for Government-size double-stack 1911 pistols on the market. The magazines have been tumbled and polished to lessen the friction from the metal-on-metal connection, allowing smooth reloading and feeding.

Nighthawk Custom double stack magazines
Nighthawk Custom has released new magazines for Government size 1911 double-stack pistols. Made from stainless steel, these magazines are available in 17- or 20-round options, feature load indicators, and are compatible with all 9mm ammo. [Photo: Nighthawk Custom]
The new magazines are compatible with any 9mm ammunition and feature parallel feed lips designed to position each round consistently into the feed ramp. This means each round loads the same way each time, so the weapon functions reliably, regardless of the brand of ammo. The magazines can also be disassembled easily for cleaning and maintenance without losing the solid stop to prevent over-inserting them into the pistol.

The 17- and 20-round double-stack magazines feature numbered witness windows on the sides to quickly ascertain the number of remaining rounds while maintaining the structural integrity of the magazine tube. Additionally, the magazine provides a positive slide lock after the last round has been fired and features the Nighthawk Custom logo laser engraved on the side.

The new 17-round and 20-round magazines are available now. Like all firearm accessories, certain restrictions may be in place depending on where the owner lives. Unfortunately, these magazines are not legal in many states, such as California, Hawaii, Illinois, and Washington. The 17-round double-stack magazine for government-size 1911 pistols is just $74.99, while the 20-round magazine is $79.99. Both are available now for purchase.

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