Huckleberry LTAC357 Lever-Action Rifle: New From GForce Arms

GForce Arms has announced the latest addition to the Huckleberry line of firearms with the LTAC357. This new addition is a lever-action rifle and is said to set the new standard in affordability and versatility for the market.

The carbine-length rifle is built to last with strong features like the aircraft aluminum forend and modern tactical aesthetics. With a modern twist on an old favorite, the LTAC357 has a threaded 16.5″ barrel, making the lever-action rifle suppressor—or muzzle brake-ready. Coming from the factory with an industry-standard 1/2×28 threading, adding a muzzle brake or a favorite caliber-compatible suppressor is a breeze.

GForce Arms Huckleberry LTAC357 lever action rifle
GForce Arms has announced the latest Huckleberry rifle, the LTAC357 lever action rifle. The .357 Mag chambered rifle offers a threaded 16.5″ barrel, plenty of Picatinny and M-LOK spaces for customization, and a price in the $700 for a total value package. [Photo: GForce Arms]

The forend features Picatinny rails and M-LOK slots, providing plenty of space for attaching accessories and further customization for the shooter with things like foregrips, optics, bipods, or lights. Additionally, slings can be easily added with sling swivel studs on the stock. According to the company, the Huckleberry lever-action rifle is built for reliability and accuracy thanks to the smooth cycling and lever action. The rifle carries a 5-year limited warranty, meaning the rifle is a good investment and backed by good customer support.

Chambered in a budget-friendly round, the .357 Magnum rifle is fun to shoot and won’t break the bank to buy or feed. According to GForce Arms, the Huckleberry lever-action rifle is the market’s most budget-friendly tactical carbine available in the caliber. Billed as a “Total Value Package,” the Huckleberry lever action rifle has an MSRP of $779, but hints that the rifle could be purchased at a price around $700, adding to the value. The Huckleberry LTAC357 lever action rifle is available now.

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