Colt Expands Python Revolver Series

Colt Manufacturing Company LLC has announced the addition of a 2.5” and a 5” stainless-steel option to the popular Python revolver line. Since its relaunch, the Python firearm has gained an enthusiastic following, and with the two new models, there are now six different models to choose from.

The Python revolver family is chambered in .357 Magnum, the 2.5” long barrel and 5” long barrel models included. The barrel length options range from 2.5” up to 8”, making it a versatile family. Both new Python revolvers offer a standard 6-round capacity, like other models in the family, along with a forged stainless-steel frame for usefulness and durability. According to the company, the compact 2.5” Python has 30% more steel beneath the rear sight, making it comfortable and reliable to shoot. Both models feature an adjustable target rear sight great for most any shooting situation and a 6-groove, 14:1 LH twist barrel for accurate rounds on target.

Colt Python expansion with 2.5" and 5" barrel options
Colt has announced the addition of two new Python barrel lengths. Chambered in family standard of .357 Magnum, the new options include 2.5″ and 5″ barrels, with other standard features like walnut grips and 6-round capacities. [Photo: Colt]
Additionally, both models have a crisp double/single-action function with a 7- to 9.5-pound trigger pull. With the semi-bright finish on both models, the 2.5” model features American walnut grips with classic panel stocks and an inset silver medallion, while the 5” model features standard walnut target stock grips. Both models have an overall height of 5.5”, but the 2.5” Python offers a compact 8 inches overall length, and the 5” Python has an overall length of just 10.5 inches.

Built to last and bearing the Colt name, the 2.5” Python model has been engineered for excellent concealment without losing the functionality that owners require. The 5” Python is said to be the reincarnation of the classic Python design and is a great fit for the modern sportsman. Weighing a mere 39 and 43.3 ounces, respectively, the new Python models are sure to please enthusiasts and shooters alike. The MSRP for the new 2.5” and 5” Python models starts at $1,499, and both are available now.

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