Walther Expands PDP Pro ACRO to Consumers

Walther Arms has announced that a fan favorite is now coming to the commercial market. After significant demand from consumers, the PDP Professional ACRO pistol can now be purchased by the general public.

Fashioned on the PDP platform, this proven 9mm takes the features of the PDP Professional and adds the integrated, direct-milled slide for the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 reflex sight. The combination provides what the company calls unmatched reliability and pinpoint accuracy. As an added bonus, the slide also features tritium three-dot night sights for low-light situations, making it even easier to get reliable sight alignment in dark situations.

Walther PDP Professional pistol with Aimpoint ACRO
Walther has announced the expansion of the PDP Professional 4.5″ pistol with Aimpoint ACRO red dot to the consumer market. The pistol offers an 18-round capacity, 27.5-ounce unloaded weight, and tritium 3-dot night sights, making for an all-around stellar 9mm option. [Photo credit: Walther]
“The PDP PRO-ACRO represents the pinnacle of self-defense firearms technology,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development at Walther Arms, Inc. “We are thrilled to bring this groundbreaking firearm to the civilian market now, thus empowering individuals to achieve unparalleled performance and confidence in any self-defense scenario.”

The PDP Pro ACRO offers some of the best-in-class ergonomics, cutting-edge features, and performance even in high-stress situations. With proven accuracy from the system, the pistol has a 4.5” long barrel and a dynamic performance trigger for consistent and precise shooting. According to Walther, the trigger system offers a level of control and responsiveness required for any situation.

Other key features of the PDP Pro ACRO are the flared magwell and the extended base pads on the magazines. Helping make reloading easier with the flared design, the combination of the magwell and base pads offers better handling and hand feel. The Walther PDP Pro ACRO 9mm pistol is only available in black and comes from the factory with three 18-round magazines. The pistol has an overall length of just 8”, 6.9” in height, and weighs 27.5 ounces unloaded, making it a nice choice for EDC if that’s your thing.

The Walter PDP Pro ACRO pistol can be found at your local Walther dealer and has a price tag of $1,599 with the pre-installed ACRO red dot.

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