Breda America Introduces Two Competition-Ready Shotguns

Breda America, a name known for quality Italian firearms and a member of the Banshee family of brands, has released two new shotguns just in time for the 2024 competition season. The new shotguns, the B12i/T4 and the B12i/T4 Competition Grade are 12-gauge shotguns that are right at home in a 3-gun competition.

Purpose-built on a competition-ready platform, both shotguns have a firing cycle speed that will beat most factory shotguns out of the box. But that’s not all these shotguns have going for them. Besides being used by elite IPSC shooting teams, the shotguns have a long list of premium features that help solidify their standings. From certain ambidextrous, oversized controls to premium barrels and sights, these shotguns meet the needs of competition shooters, regardless of skill.

Breda B12i/T4 X Competition Grade shotgun
Breda has released two new competition-level shotguns, the B12i/T4 and B12i/T4 X Competition Grade. Both are 12-gauge, feature an ambi charging handle, and have enhanced features geared towards 3-Gunners. [Photo credit: Breda]
“Driven by a passion for excellence and a commitment to innovation, Breda is proud to introduce the B12i/T4 and B12i/T4 X shotguns, designed to empower competitive shooters with the tools they need to succeed,” said Jesse Highling, vice president of business development at Breda. “With unrivaled speed, precision, and reliability, these shotguns represent the pinnacle of performance in the world of 3-gun competitions.”

First up for the features is the ambidextrous charging handle that can be easily swapped between the left and right side of the receiver to match up with the preference of the shooter making for smoother reloads or cleaning. Not only is the handle ambidextrous, but it is also oversized for better operation and enhanced handling in competition situations. Additionally, the shotguns have a seamless integration between the receiver and the forend for better overall ergonomics for the weapons.

The Breda B12i/T4 and T4x Competition Grade shotguns also have precision-drilled Acciaio Breda steel barrels designed to deliver incredible accuracy and consistency. The weapons also use the Breda Inertia System, which has been engineered for smooth cycling with less felt recoil for the shooter, meaning follow-up shots happen faster and easier. The barrel features an aggressive cut loading port that aids in smooth and fast reloads, ideal in competition settings. Rounding out the features is a flip-up rifle sight that enhances acquisition and accuracy for precise shots.

Specifically, the B12i/T4 model features a barrel length of 18.5” or 24”, ideal for 3-gun competitions. The T4 model has an MSRP of $1,899 and offers value matched with top-tier performance.

The T4 Competition Grade shotgun offers upgrades from the base T4 X model, including a hand-assembled and hand-tuned alloy trigger group with an ergonomic ramped trigger guard for smoother positioning. It features a satin titanium coating, black ink-infused walnut stock, and an adjustable comb. Breda offers it with extended choke tubes and an MSRP of $2,299.

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