New Hornady RAPiD Safe Gun Locker Systems

Hornady Security recently announced its newest options for in-home weapon security with the RAPiD Safe AR Gun Locker and AR Gun Locker XL. With integrated technology features, this system provides protection and access control, which is vital for secure home storage.

Constructed with an exterior 16-gauge steel housing, the new RAPiD Safe AR Gun Lockers include four internal hardened locking lugs for secure closure. According to Hornady, the AR Gun Lockers set new safety standards, surpassing ASTM International thresholds. Additionally, the system excels with child and pry resistance, lock potency, and durability from different entry attacks.

Hornady Security AR Gun Locker closed
Hornady Security has announced the release of two new safe options. The RAPid Safe AR Gun Locker and Gun Locker XL give owners strong technology in a secure steel housing. [Photo: Hornady Security]
To open the AR Gun Locker system, the owner can use an RFID technology option or a four- to six-digit security code. The RFID allows activation with a wristband, key fob, or sticker, and the Gun Locker can have up to five RFID tags paired with the system for user preference. So, regardless of user preference for admission to the system, the AR Gun Locker and Gun Locker XL have it covered for convenience and flexibility.

The fully enclosed design of the system can be powered by AC or battery, meaning the safe can be opened and secured at any time, guaranteeing vigilance and preparedness, according to the company. The system can be secured to its surroundings with the included cable and pre-drilled mounting apertures for extra protection.

Hornady RAPiD Safe AR Gun Locker open
With strong security, the safe can be opened with RFID options, a barrel key, or a 4- to 6-digit code. The standard safe fits two weapons, while the XL can hold 3. [Photo credit: Hornady Security]
The AR Gun Locker has internal dimensions of 40.5” x 13.5” x 5.5”, with a capacity for two weapons, while the AR Gun Locker XL has internal dimensions of 40.5” x 13.5” x 8.75”, or enough space for three weapons. The complete system comes from Hornady Security with the RAPiD Safe, wall power supply, RFID wristband, two RFID stickers, RFID key fob, two circular barrel keys, and the security cable.

The Gun Locker safes can be mounted vertically or horizontally, under a bed, in a vehicle, or in a closet, just to name a few locations. Weighing 50 pounds for the original AR Gun Locker and 62 pounds for the AR Gun Locker XL, the safe can be moved as necessary. The new AR Gun Locker and AR Gun Locker XL will be available soon and will start at $526.99.

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