Viridian Releases New E-Series for Brawler

Viridian Weapon Technology has announced two new products made specifically for the Rossi Brawler adventure gun. The new E Series laser sights for the Brawler will be available in both green and red options and are backed by Viridian laser technology and performance.

The E-Series was designed to be used for everyday concealed carry, and the Rossi Brawler laser is no different. Designed to attach to the trigger guard, the E-Series light for the Brawler has the same rugged resilience and functionality that the series provides. The light provides Brawler owners with the highest intensity laser that they can legally own, complete with a 90-minute run time, 5-minute auto shut-off, and ambidextrous button activation.

Viridian E-Series laser for Rossi Brawler
Viridian has expanded the E-Series line of lasers to include compatibility for the Rossi Brawler. The laser is available in green or red, attaches easily to the trigger guard, and has adjustments for windage. [Photo credit: Viridian]
Brian Hedeen, President and CEO of Viridian, emphasized the company’s commitment to expanding fits for firearms that do not currently have laser sights. “Our goal is to provide shooters with innovative solutions,” he explained. “The addition of our E SERIES to the Rossi Brawler achieves just that and ensures that users can adapt to various shooting scenarios where this single-action pistol is used, making it an ideal choice for hunting, nuisance protection, and recreational purposes.”

The laser is housed in a durable, high-strength thermos-molded polymer body and is engineered to withstand daily use and abuse while maintaining performance when it’s needed most. It is available in both green and red color options and is easy to install on the host weapon. According to the company, the laser has 6+ hours of battery life and can be adjusted for windage and elevation.

With a range of 100 yards during daylight hours and up to 2 miles at night, the laser delivers rapid target acquisition in any light conditions and comes from the Viridian factory with a limited lifetime warranty. The new Rossi Brawler E-Series laser joins a very large family of lasers available for over 35 other custom-fit products, and the company has plans to expand the line further to include more brands and models. The Viridian E-Series laser for the Rossi Brawler is available now in green and red and has an MSRP of $149.

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