I’m With Roscoe: The New Heritage Roscoe Revolver

In a sea of rubber grips, fancy alloys, and brushed stainless finishes, there is something special about the blued finish and wood grips seen on older revolvers. If you are a fan of hardboiled detective stories and Prohibition-era coppers, or if you want something a little different from the current options out there, check out the new Heritage Roscoe.

heritage roscoe revolver
Heritage Manufacturing is entering the double-action revolver market with the new Roscoe chambered in .38 Special.

Heritage Manufacturing is primarily known for its single-action Colt clone, the Heritage Rough Rider. Heritage started out in Florida before moving to a facility in Bainbridge, Georgia, as part of the Taurus. From there, they expanded their lineup to include revolving rifles and even lever actions. Now, Heritage is entering the double-action revolver market with the Heritage Roscoe.

The Heritage Roscoe is similar in style and function to revolvers produced by Rossi for Taurus. However, the Roscoe is made in the USA and mates a bulletproof design with a pair of checkered rosewood boot grips and a carbon steel frame and cylinder that has a blued finish. It features a six-shot fluted cylinder and an unlugged ejector rod. The Roscoe pays homage to the archetypical detective’s handgun and the generations of cops who carried small-framed snub-nosed revolvers like the Colt Detective Special and the Smith & Wesson Model 36.

Like those old classics, the Roscoe is an all-steel gun that weighs 22 ounces unloaded. It holds up to five rounds of .38 Special +P ammunition and is equipped with unknockable fixed sights. This new offering from Heritage is available with the classic 2-inch barrel but will also be available with a 3-inch barrel for better recoil control. Both will be available at a competitive MSRP of only $363.99.

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