Here’s What’s Coming: Proposed Federal Gun Legislation

Though it's predictable, the current flurry of anti-gun legislation in Congress may have your head spinning. Here's a look at most of it.

Strike Industries Threaded Barrel for Glock G19/G19X

Adding a threaded barrel to your Glock 19 or G19X will make it more versatile. Check out this option from Strike Industries.

Hard Head Veterans Micro Lattice Pads: Shock Absorbers For Your Lid

Hard Head Veterans is proud to showcase their new Micro Lattice Pads; designed to have superior energy absorption and reduce injury.

XS Sights for Springfield XD OSP and Tisas Duty PX-9

XS Sights has upgraded their standard-height DXT2 Big Dot and R3D night sights for the Springfield XD OSP and Tisas Duty PX-9 Pistols.

Maxim Defense DRF .22 Suppressor and Frangible Ammo

Maxim Defense continues to roll out new products. Among them, a .22lr suppressor and frangible ammo in 9mm and 5.56x45mm. Check 'em out!

Federal HEVI-Bismuth Shotshells: More Pellets Per Round Than Steel

Federal HEVI-Bismuth shotshells offer the performance of lead in a non-lead option that outperforms steel.

Federal Ammunition PUNCH in 22 WMR: Rimfire Jacketed Hollow Point

The Federal Punch line of ammo includes 22 WMR, making rimfire cartridges a viable self-defense option. Here are the details.

Remington Golden Saber 10mm Defensive Ammunition

The Remington Golden Saber line of ammunition is recognized as a solid performer and the line has expanded to include a 10mm load.

Maxim Defense DSX-D: Duty Suppressor System: for Optimized Direct Thread Performance

The Maxim Defense DSX-D suppressor provides superior direct thread suppression to weapons chambered in 5.56, 7.62, and 6.5 Creedmoor.

XS Sights Night Sights for SA-35 and Ruger LCP MAX

These night sights from XS sights are self-illuminating for faster, more accurate target acquisition in high-stress, self-defense situations.

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