High Speed Gear Rolls Out Gen. 2 TACO Pouches

High Speed Gear has been serving military, law enforcement, and tactically minded shooters for 25 years. Their catalog ranges from holsters to medical kits to plate carriers. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, High-Speed Gear is reissuing an updated version of its acclaimed TACO pouch systems.

high speed gear taco pouches
High Speed Gear is releasing their Gen. 2 TACO pouches. [High Speed Gear]

The TACO line of magazine and handcuff pouches is High Speed Gear’s flagship product. Unlike other pouches, which vary between nylon or polymer construction, the TACO uses a polymer core supported by a flexible backing of MOLLE-ready nylon in different colors, ranging from FDE to black. These pouches are made in the USA and are Berry-compliant.

The TACO Gen. 2 ranges from single mag pouches to double-decker pistol and rifle pouches to a single handcuff case. These new models feature 1/2 interval MOLLE attachments and a loop for conventional belt mounting. Although these models weigh 1/5 less than first-generation models, the optional OTR cover allows you to keep the pouches open-top or closed over for maximum protection of the contents from the elements. 

The new TACO Gen. 2 series of pouches is now available with an MSRP ranging from $37-57, depending on the model you choose. 

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