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SDS Imports Launches the Zigana PX-9 G2

The new SDS Imports 9mm semi-auto pistol has some impressive features. Most notably — this second-gen pistol takes Sig P226 mags.

Strike Industries’ New T-Bone Charging Handle for .223/5.56

Strike Industries' new AR-15 charging handle should be especially beneficial for use with suppressors. How? Well, take a look.

Strike Industries’ New OPPRESSOR LITE

With the Strike IndustriesI OPPRESSOR LITE concussion reduction device, you can, as they say, "shoot next to someone without scaring the poop out of them."

Check out the New Competition Chassis Rifle from PROOF Research

Hunters & competitive shooters will appreciate the sub 1/2 MOA accuracy guarantee of this chassis rifle. Available in six different chamberings.

M400 Switchblade Rifle Caliber Pistol — New from Sig Sauer

The Sig Sauer M400 Switchblade brings the competition-performance features of M400 SDI platforms to this rifle caliber pistol.

B&T’s New SPR300 PRO — Takes AR Mags!

We're pretty sure that the best new feature about the SPR300 PRO is that it's designed to take AR magazines!

Viridian Announces New Red HS1 Lasers and FDE HS1 Housings

Previously available as a green laser, this new Viridian red laser option will be available for those who prefer red over green.

Looking for a Holosun Green Dot Optic? The 407 Series Now Has One

The Holosun 407 series just explanded to include a green reticle option. Is this Holosun green dot a more attractive option for EDC?

Ruger Announces the New LCP MAX — LCP II’s Bigger Brother

Ruger just released the next iteration in the LCP family, the LCP MAX. How is it different? What advantages does it offer? Find out here.

Springfield Latest Hellcat Magazine Gives Us 15 Rounds

The latest Hellcat Magazine packs 15 rounds of 9mm in a very hard to load platform. However, its easy to empty when the time comes.

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