DeSantis Holsters for the Henry Big Boy Revolver

At the NRA Annual Meeting in April, Henry Repeating Arms launched the Henry Big Boy revolver in .357 Magnum. Traditionally known for their iconic lever action rifles, the Big Boy revolver is Henry’s first handgun. The company advertises it as the perfect companion to the Big Boy rifle, though they say it easily stands as the star of its own show.

Henry Big Boy Revolver
The Henry Big Boy revolver was one of the most eye-catching introductions at NRAAM 2023. (Photo Credit: Massad Ayoob)

The release raised plenty of eyebrows, of course, generating plenty of conversation from critics to admirers and everyone in between. Some people may see revolvers as a relic of the past. But really, plenty of folks are just as smitten with wheelguns now as they ever were. So, even if the Henry Big Boy revolver was a gutsy launch, it was a smart one. And, as Massad Ayoob says in his review, you gotta “…give Henry credit for pure guts for introducing a traditional service revolver in a time when polymer-framed eighteen-shot 9mm autoloaders hold sway.”

This week, DeSantis Gunhide announced a couple of new fitments for the classically styled six-shooter: #189 The Wild Hog and #M90 Wild Hog Hybrid.  

The Wild Hog

DeSantis Wild Hog holster for Henry Big Boy revolver
The DeSantis Wild Hog holster has been newly fitted to accommodate the Henry Big Boy revolver.

According to DeSantis, the Wild Hog Field and Range Holster is ambidextrous and can be worn cross-draw or with a forward cant. It has an adjustable tension device. The holster is made from premium top-gran steer hide and center-cut steer hide. The company advises that this holster is available now or will soon be available for most SAA revolvers, large-frame DA revolvers. And, since the holster is not model-specific, it even accommodates many large autoloaders as well. The holster fits belts up to 1.75″ wide. MSRP is $63.99.

The Wild Hog Hybrid

The DeSantis Wild Hog Hybrid for Henry Big Boy revolver
The Wild Hog Hybrid combines the comfort of nylon and the durability of leather in this updated model of an old classic.

The Wild Hog Hybrid is the latest rendition of the original DeSantis Hunter from the 70s. This holster is also ambidextrous and accommodates most 4″ and 6″ hunting revolvers. It is made with 1060 Senior Ballistic Nylon and a smooth-pack cloth lining with a core of closed-cell foam. The upper portion is made of premium saddle leather.

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