Real Avid Releases Gun Cleaning Tools and Kits

As we all know, Real Avid has been one of the leaders in DIY gun maintenance. New for 2024, the company has announced the release of two new kits for your gun cleaning needs: the Bore-Max Speed Jags & Patches Multi-Cal Pack and the Bore-Max Speed Brush Multi-Cal Pack. Let’s take a quick look at what each kit contains and their primary uses.

The speed Jags have longer shanks than your typical Jags and reportedly deliver up to four times more contact with the bore surface. Used in conjunction with Real Avid’s no-bunching Speed Jag Patches, expect more efficient cleaning passes with the convenience of needing to change patches. The nickel-plated Speed Jags also resist corrosion and should have an extended use life. The kit contains 10 Jags, 6 rifle jags, and 4 handgun jags. As a bonus, the kit also comes with 500 Speed Jag Patches.

The brush pack comes with 10 brushes, matching the jags in the Speed Jag pack. Like the jags, the brushes are also nickel-plated for better durability. Also, they are longer than standard brushes and contain what Real Avid describes as “double-density bristles”. This combination should make each stroke cover more area and provide a more thorough clean. Both jag and brush packs come with durable containers with tilt-up trays for easy selection and storage.

Bore-Max Speed Brush Multi-Cal Pack
Bore-Max Speed Brush Multi-Cal Pack. Photo Credit:

Let’s not forget picks! Real Avid also offers its Accu-Grip Steel Pick set. These 5 double-ended picks come in 10 different sizes for all your picking needs. With their ergonomic soft-touch textured handles, those deep digs intohard-to-reach nooks and crannies will be a breeze.

Real Avid Accu-Grip Steel Picks
Real Avid Accu-Grip Steel Picks. Photo Credit:

With the jag set at $49.99 and each of the other two coming in at $39.99, all available here at, the only question is, why haven’t you added them to your cleaning kit yet?

Carl Staas is a former Police Sergeant from West Central Missouri. He spent 17 years in law enforcement, performing routine patrol, investigations, evidence management, and finished his career as a patrol Sergeant and field training officer.

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