CCW Belts: A Few Options

Often an overlooked item in your EDC, a carry belt should be the paramount decision in your carry lineup, even before the decision on a holster or, in some cases, a gun. Whether that be a belt specifically designed for concealed carry of a firearm or one with the features needed to safely and securely conceal a pistol, a good belt will give you the confidence to carry every day.

The Volition Repeater: The Unknown Beginnings of Repeating Firearms

The Volition Repeater remains an icon among collectors and manufacturers alike. So much so, in fact, that we've seen a diverse array of new offerings from some big players and rookies alike. New guns from Ruger, Aero Precision, Smith & Wesson, Henry, and Winchester have made it seem like we're experiencing a lever-action renaissance. Could this be the beginning of the same 1850s era-type innovative drive that brought us the Volition Repeater?

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