Umarex Air Javelin Pro – Ultimate Home Defense Air Gun!

The Umarex Air Javelin Pro is an airgun that shoots arrows. This newish class of air rifles completely flips the script on traditional arrow launchers.

Sterling Arms International R18 Mk2 an AR-180 Evolved

After changes in government regulations, Sterling Arms has come out with the R-18 MK2. It is one of the nicest AR-180s currently available in Canada. 

Innovation Armoury’s Ruger PC Carbine Magwell For CZ-75B Magazines

Here's how to install the Innovation Armoury magwell into the Ruger PC Carbine, and a look at some of its brilliant design features.

Renegade MKII from Maple Ridge Armoury — A Familiar Silhouette

To meet Canadian legal requirements, Maple Ridge Armoury came up with a straight-pull bolt action rifle that can use almost all of the parts from an AR-15.

Grey Birch Manufacturing — Fusion Receiver and Barrel

How do the new bolt, Fusion receiver, and barrel from Grey Birch Manufacturing perform on the range? Let's find out.

Mantis Laser Academy – Get Your Dry Fire On

How does the Mantis Laser Academy improve your dry fire training? Read this to see what's included and how it works. And, what about results?

Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit

The Fix It Sticks AR-15 Maintenance Kit has pretty much everything you need to maintain your rifle, attach or remove accessories.

The Cross Industries 10/10 Cross Mag

How does the Cross Industries 10/10 Cross mag meet capacity restrictions, while at the same time making standard capacity possible? Find out!

Grey Birch Solutions Foundation Chassis: But Wait, There’s More!

Grey Birch Solutions has a modular chassis system for the ever-popular Ruger 10/22 style of .22lr rifle. Take a look-see.

The Kestrel HUD — Review

The Kestrel HUD (Heads Up Display) is a fancy little display for firing solutions from the ballistic calculator in the wind reader.

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