Grace Ainsworth Stevens is an outdoor writer and political cartoonist who writes for a number of industry publications including The Truth About Guns and Breach Bang Clear. She's been hunting everything from deer to feral hogs since grade school and started honing her handgun skills at the age of 13. Grace's art is Second Amendment focused and speaks to current events and gun world cliches. She's also a college sophomore and will fight you over robotics and early education issues.

Drago Gear Sportsman Pro Tool Bag: A Durable Choice

If you’re a firearm enthusiast looking for a new bag to hold your goodies, or if you’re just in need of a new tool bag, Drago Gear provides a great option.

Surefire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra: Comfortable Versatility

Hearing protection is no joke. For a long-term yet incredibly affordable option check out the Surefire EP7 Sonic Defenders Ultra ear plugs. 

The Streamlight Macrostream USB: Small but Powerful

Flashlights are one of the most overlooked yet universally significant tools out there. Whether your job calls for having a reliable flashlight or if you just like being prepared, the Streamlight Macrostream USB flashlight is a great choice.

Women Who Wield: Movie Edition

Examples of armed women in the movies go back to the classics and continue through more recent movies. Some of these women may have been the star of your tactical childhood in video games, too. Let’s look at a few of the best-armed women in movies and video games. 

The Best Guns of American Western Movies

Westerns are a big part of American culture, and what’s a cowboy or a bandit without a gun? Tonight, we're looking at a few classic guns of old American Westerns.

Walker’s Vector Shooting Glasses: Your Next Safety Essential

Eye protection is non-negotiable! Make sure you make the right choice. Walker's Vector Shooting Glasses are a great, affordable option.

The Fix It Sticks Knife Sharpener: A Versatile and Affordable Choice

The Fix It Sticks knife sharpener is a portable, reliable solution to keeping your blades sharp and ready to use, even for heavy-use EDC knives.

The Most Popular Firearm in Media: The AK-47

The AK-47 is by far one of the most popular firearms in the world, and that shows up when you consider its use in film and video games.

Allen Tac-Six Tactical Backpack: Great for Outdoorsman or EDC

A reliable backpack is a must-have for any gun owner or outdoorsman, and the Allen Tac-Six Intercept Tactical Backpack is a great choice.

The Hornady Alpha Elite Lock Box: Security On-the-Go

The Hornady Alpha Elite Lock Box is just big enough for one gun. And, it comes with a cord, so it's perfect for on-the-go security.

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