Tom McHale is a committed learning junkie always seeking a new subject victim. As a lifelong student of whatever grabs his attention on any particular day, he thrives on beating rabbit trails into submission. In between his time as a high-tech marketing executive, restaurant owner, and hamster cosmetology practitioner, he's published seven books and nearly 1,500 articles about guns, shooting, and the American way.

Who Cares About Pistol Grip Angle?

The grip angle of a handgun can make a big difference in your ability to shoot well. Is a steeper or shallower grip right for you? Here's how to find out.

A Dry Fire Magazine?

The Dry Fire Mag is an interesting option for dry firing at home (hence the name). It's not the only option, but it deserves a look. It may well change the way you will think about dry fire practice.

What You Need to Know About the [not so] New 224 Valkyrie

Wildcats come and go, but the 224 Valkyrie seems like it is here to stay. Flat shooting, and fast, the new round offers compact size and great long range accuracy.

Brass Tacks: The Beretta 3032 Tomcat

Let's get down to brass tacks. What's the Beretta Tomcat? What makes it special? We'll take a quick look at the "what" and the "so what". Check out the little Beretta Tomcat 32.

Brass Tacks: The Magnum Research Desert Eagle 50

This "Deagle" (Desert Eagle 50 AE) is big. Very big. That is the raison d'etre of the pistol. But despite pushing .50 AE rounds, it isn't the most powerful handgun around. So what's the appeal of this behemoth?

A New Red Dot Choice: The Crimson Trace CTS-1000

The laser recently made a big splash in the more traditional optics world. Over the past year they have not so quietly produced a family of red dot sights and a related family of traditional rifle scopes. I guess if you started out in the “aiming” business it makes sense to expand into related areas. […]

Should You “Under Magnify” Your Rifle? (The Red Dot at Long Ranges)

What can you do with a .308 with little-to-no magnification? Try a red dot and see.

Does Your EDC Belt Really Fit? (NexBelt Review)

Looking for a really flexible concealed carry belt--one that can be sized exactly, every time?

Silence with a Thud: Winchester Super Suppressor Ammo

Looking for hard hitting suppressor ammo? Winchester has something new.

Increase Reload Speed (and Accuracy) with a Moon Clip

Revolvers used to be the go-to for concealed carry. Could the moon clip help the revolver become a relevant carry gun again?

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