The Godfather at 50 — Few Films Have Left Their Mark on Society Like this One

Fifty years ago, The Godfather left its mark on pop culture but also on society in general, and it arguably changed Hollywood forever.

CrossfireX — A Gun Guy Goes Gaming

CrossfireX is a first-person shooter with reviews that put it in the toilet. Is it as bad as all those reviews say? Let's find out!

Stand Your Ground: What Does it Really Mean?

Is a Stand Your Ground law different from Castle Doctrine? What is a Make My Day law, and what does Duty to Retreat mean? Learn more here.

The Ranch Rifle — What and Why

The Ranch Rifle is a lightweight, intermediate caliber rifle designed to be a working man's rifle. Here's a roundup of our favorites.

Budget AR-Pistol Build from PSA: Worth the Money?

AR-15s are cool because the options are endless and you can build what you want or can afford. This was a great deal for a $300 AR-Pistol build.

EDC Tools: Augment Your Soft Skills

A common question posed those concerned for the safety of those around them (and their own) is, "What EDC tools should augment soft skills?"

Bass Reeves: Deputy U.S. Marshal You Should Know

Bass Reeves might not be a name you're familiar with, but he was one of the most famous U.S. Marshals in history.

Historical Figures and Their Firearms

Firearms are integral to American history and an enduring part of our legacy. Here are some of the favorite guns of American historical figures.

Finding Motivation: All Things Are Difficult Before They Are Easy

In this installment of the Gospel of Soft Skills, Steve Tarani gives us his best advice on finding motivation (and maintaining it).

Ugly Guns, Cursed Guns, and Abominations

Today we are looking at ugly guns, the real ugly ones. These are guns produced and released from the factory, not Bubba's trailer specials.

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