The Amend2 Glow-In-the-Dark Mags

It was a GunMagWarehouse Black Friday sale that drew me to the fact that one of our exclusives was an Amend2 AR-15 magazine that glowed in the dark. The overall idea seemed a bit silly, but I'm a stickler for exclusives, and glow-in-the-dark magazines have never been done before, as far as I know anyway. For the price, I couldn't say no.

Why Wear Shooting Glasses?

With affordable shooting glasses and eye protection available, there is absolutely no reason that anyone has to be without such protection at the range and elsewhere. Given the dangers that firearms, BB guns, airsoft guns, and others offer, the need for eye protection is very real. We only have two eyes, and risking them is simply unacceptable. Just ask Ralphie - he nearly shot his eye out!

Anything But An AR-15: A New Generation of Rifles

As of late, there has been an evolution in rifle design, and we're starting to see an interesting new generation of rifles that seems to deviate from the AR platform. Let's discuss!

Least Favorite Handguns I’ve Ever Owned

Those of us who have been into guns for any length of time have probably experienced one or more that we didn't really warm up to. Maybe we didn't care for the feel of the handgun. Perhaps it was unreliable. Or maybe inaccurate. There are a host of things that can sour our attitude toward a handgun. Let's take a look at a few handguns I've owned over the years that I just didn't care for very much.

The Misrepresentation Of Defensive Shotguns: Debunking The Scattergun

Don't let the internet myths and misrepresentations keep you away from the shotgun. It's a weapon that earned the name "repeating Claymore" for a reason.

A Time Capsule: Guns and Shooting in 1964

Massad Ayoob recently found an old copy of Gun Digest from 1964 and decided to take us on a brief journey back in time to look at guns and shooting sports in 1964. Join us as we dial in the Flux Capacitor to 1964 for a little glimpse into the guns and prices of yesteryear.

Beyond the Basics: Why Continued Firearms Training is Important

The more you train, the better you get. The less you train, the faster your few skills will deteriorate until they are gone. Pray that’s not at the moment you need your gun to defend yourself or someone around you. Instead, equip yourself to succeed by taking advanced firearms classes.

The Gun You Shoot Best

If there was any “one best gun,” we would all be carrying that one and all the rest would be in museums.

Five Best Carry Handguns: An Opinion

I've put together a list of the five best guns I have carried (and still carry) and why. This list includes the Glock 17 Gen 5 in 9mm, IWI Masada in 9mm, Walther PPQ in .45 ACP, Kimber Micro 9 stainless in 9mm, and the Sig Sauer P365 SAS in 9mm.

The Hammerless Revolver: Still A Viable Option

The last time I asked the folks at Smith & Wesson, I was told that their best-selling revolver was the “hammerless” J-frame snubby introduced in 1952 as the Centennial (since that was their hundredth year in business). The gun has a helluva history behind it…and its popularity today is due to solid performance features that went unrecognized for a very long time.

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