An Ammo-Filled Adventure: KCI 17-Round Magazines for Glock

KCI magazines come at an affordable price point without compromising on quality or performance. Shoot more and get more out of your Glock without spending the big bucks.

Sig Sauer 12-Round Mags for Your P365

Sig designed the P365 series around their new double-stack magazine. It worked. With this mag, you can increase capacity and extend the grip. What’s not to like?

H&K Mags for the USP Compact: Talk About Quality, Check These Out!

Like everything else it builds, Heckler & Koch goes totally overboard with their magazines and the mags for the USP Compact are no exception. These are among the very best metal magazines for any pistol on the market.

How Many Magazines Are Enough?  An Examination of Extra AR-15 Mags

Can you have too many magazines? The most common answer is no. But most people have finite resources to devote to self-defense and firearms. What is the reasonable balance? Let's look at it from a few angles.

Hellcat Pro 15-Round Magazine: Lots Of Rounds In A Sleek Package

What's the best way to feed Springfield Armory's Hellcat Pro? What are the options? Read on and we'll provide the answers here.

AR-15 100-Round Drum by KCI: Reliable or Just Fun?

I wouldn't carry a double drum in my self-defense rifle, but it's a lot of fun on the range. Check out the KCI 100-round drum.

KCI 30-Round M-1 Carbine Mags: Better Than the Original

The M-1 Carbine is one of the coolest and most versatile rifles ever built, but the wartime industry never made durable, reliable mags. Fortunately, we have better choices now. One of those choices is the KCI 30-round M-1 Carbine mag.

Lancer L5 Warfighter Mag and Plus 6 Extension: A 36-Round Magazine That Works

The Lancer L5 magazine with the Plus 6 magazine extension, is an impressive package. The combination makes for a reliable, quality, and budget-conscious product for AR shooters looking to expand their magazine capacity.

The ETS Scorpion EVO 40-Round Magazine: A Clear Winner

The ETS advantage is clear and easy to see. If you're looking for a way to stock up on mags, see your round count, and get more capacity, the ETS 40-Round Scorpion mags are ideal.

Taurus G3 15-Round Magazine Review

If you’ve been gun-shy about Taurus, maybe now is a good time to revisit what they have to offer. The G3 Tactical has outperformed my expectations and so have the mags.

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