New AR-15 Stock, Grip and Mags from Amend2

Amend2 has grown into one of the larger magazine manufacturing companies in the US. They make magazines for AR-15 rifles in 5.56 and .300 blackout. They also produce magazines for other weapons like the SCAR 17, AICS, AR-10, and Glock-compatible mags. During TriggrCon 2023, I was able to speak to the guys from Amend2 and get my hands on some of their new products. I’ve used Amend2 mags for years and the company makes a good product.

Amend2 donut mag.
The “Donut” mag by Amend2. [Photo Credit: Amend2)
While they are known for their AR-15 mags, they have been working on some other new items as well. They have just released a new AR-15 grip with a matching foregrip that has some aggressive texturing — I noticed the texturing on the grip is made of hundreds of small number 2s. What stood out to me the most, however, was their AR-15 AMS stock and some of their new AR mags. We will talk more about those below.

Another feature I thought was cool is the monthly run of new AR-15 mag designs Amend2 is doing. If you really like variety of color and design on your mags, Amend2 is blowing it out of the water. They plan to make new color designs each month. Some of the ones I saw at the show were a mustard-yellow mag that fades to green and a pink mag with sprinkles called the “donut” mag. I’m not sure how I feel about the pink with sprinkles mag, but it’s different, to say the least.

About Amend2

Amend2 AR mags.
Amend2 makes some great AR-15 magazines and other accessories. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Family-owned and operated, Amend2 is based in Idaho Falls, ID. Already having experience in industrial plastics, the family decided to produce an AR-15 magazine, the Mod 1. They make much more than that today, including some AR-15 accessories, pistol magazine holders, and more. Most of the materials and parts they use are sourced in Idaho and Utah, which is nice. I get tired of seeing “made in China” on products sold in the US. I also like a company that keeps producing new products instead of sticking with the same old thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a believer in the saying “If it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” But I like to see something new from time to time. Amend2 has managed to do that, so let’s take a look at some of their new products that are now available or will be available soon.

AMS AR-15 Stock

The AMS (Amend2 Modular Stock) is a standard 6-position adjustable stock that fits mil-spec AR-15 buffer tubes. There are multiple options for setting up attachments on the AMS, the best of which is a battery storage compartment. Today, nearly everyone runs a red dot, flashlight, or laser on their rifle. Having extra batteries for it only makes sense. The pistol grip is where I normally keep my batteries because most adjustable stocks don’t have storage in them.

With the AMS storage compartment add-on, you can store up to three CR123 batteries and two AA batteries. This design uses some space that is often wasted on compact adjustable stocks. To accommodate the storage area, they redesigned the adjustment lever, which sets flush on the bottom of the stock, so it doesn’t get pushed accidentally. The location of the button makes adjusting the stock feel natural and quick. They have also added several friction features on the stock to eliminate wobble.

Amend2 AMS stock.
The AMS AR-15 adjustable stock has accessories to attach to it. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Right now, there are at least six different options for the AMS when ordering. A base model can be purchased that lets you add whatever you want later. M-LOK slots are located around the inside opening of the stock for attaching accessories Amend2 makes for the stock. You can purchase the stock with battery storage only, lower storage only, or battery and lower storage. A steel QD attachment is located on the top, rear portion of the stock. The double-sided steel QD attachment is one piece making it durable. The AMS is scheduled to start shipping before the end of the year.

New Amend2 Mod 3 Magazines

I have always used standard AR-15 mags for 300BLK ammo. Most of the time this works fine, but I have had a few feeding issues over the years. Amend 2 is now offering a dedicated 300BLK magazine in their new Mod 3 magazine. The feed lips have been altered specifically for 300 BLK ammo to ensure there are no feeding issues in your rifle. Another feature I like is their texturing grip at the bottom of the magazine. This textured area is made of small circular indentions in the magazine for better grip. But they also allow you to use a white marker to identify your mags.

Amend2 AR mags.
Amend2 has a new line of AR mags with all kinds of colorful patterns. .300 Blackout-specific mags are also available. [Photo: Jason Mosher]
Just “dab” the marker on each small circle indention to make it spell anything you would like. Because the area is indented, it doesn’t wipe off. This is a perfect way to mark the caliber or type of ammo in each magazine. If your buddies have a tendency to “acquire” items from the range, put your initials on the bottom of the mag. Regardless of what you want to say, it’s a cool idea.

Amend2 AR-15 mag Mod 3.
Amend2 Mod 3 AR-15 magazine with texture strip at the bottom. [Photo: Jason Mosher]

Monthly Mag Subscription

Amend2 also has a few programs I thought were cool. The first is a $25 monthly subscription that sends out a new AR-15 mag each month. Each mag is different and will feature a unique design and color. From what I understand, you can preview the magazine before it ships and opt out of any you don’t want. This is a cool idea for collectors or someone just wanting to build up their AR magazine stockpile and wants a variety of colors.

Trade-in program

Another cool feature Amend2 is doing is called their Mod 3 trade-in program. According to Amend2, you can ship any brand of older AR-15 mags you have to Amend2 and receive a 50% discount coupon for each magazine. The coupon is for their new Mod 3 magazine. Their website shows Mod 3 mags selling for $15.99 which means an old mag and $7.99 gets you a new Mod 3 mag. This deal may not be for everyone, but I like the idea.

Worth checking out?

There are multiple brands of AR-15 mags on the market, but Amend2 is worth checking out if you’re looking for some new mags. I like the new grip pattern on their Mod 3 mags and I’m almost curious enough about a monthly subscription to try it out. If you don’t like subscriptions, some of the new designs they created for this program will be available on the site of your favorite gun magazine supplier. If you don’t want a pink magazine with candy sprinkles, I bet they have some color or pattern that would appeal to you.

Sheriff Jason Mosher is a law enforcement generalist instructor as well as a firearms and tactical weapons trainer. Jason graduated from the FBI-LEEDA (Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) and serves as a Sheriff for his day job. When he’s not working, he’s on the range, eating steak, or watching Yellowstone.

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