Ruger American Rifle Magazine: How Versatile Is It?

This Ruger American Rifle magazine covers five short action calibers. Honestly, I'm amazed that this one magazine reliably works with all of these various calibers. There's either some serious engineering going on here, or else some sorcery!

13 Rounds in a Subcompact?!? IWI Masada Slim Mags

The Masada Slim magazines are OEM produced by Mec-Gar, which is a good thing indeed. That quality is evident even before hitting the range.

IWI Masada 17 Round Factory Magazines: Affordable Quality

The Masada goes “bang” every time I pull the trigger. And I mean every time. A big reason for that reliability is the IWI Masada magazines.

Magazine Material: Does Construction Matter?

Steel, aluminum, polymer, each type of magazine has its advantages and disadvantages. Follow along as we explore magazine material construction and why it matters.

Review: Glock 43 Factory Magazine With Extended Baseplate

Does the Glock 43 factory magazine with the extended baseplate offer any advantages over the magazine with the standard baseplate? Let's find out!

Glock 43X OEM Magazines: They’re Reliable. Period.

If the grip is the heart of a pistol, the magazine is the soul. Magazines that don't function will quickly shut a pistol down. I tend to stick with the factory, OEM magazines because those have the very best chance of working reliably.

US Palm AK-47 30-Round Magazine: The Banana Mag!

Are you bananas about the AK-47? This special edition US Palm banana mag is the perfect way to add a splash of colorful humor to your AK!

Lancer L7AWM 20 Round .308 Mag Review

Looking for a .308 mag for your black rifle? The Lancer L7AWM is a light-weight mag with steel reinforcements. For the AR-10 platform, these hybrids may be the best thing going.

Walther PPQ Factory Mags: Long Lasting Quality

You can have the Gucciest gun in the world, but if your mags aren’t up to snuff, you’re gonna have problems. Fortunately, Walther factory mags have you covered. These mags are for the PPQ M1 but, owning several Walther firearms myself, I’m happy to report that the German gunmaker features quality mags across the board.

Elite Tactical Systems Glock 43 Mags: Getcha Some!

Smaller single-stack handguns can be a compromise in capacity. These 7-round Glock 43 mags from Elite Tactical Systems are flush fitting, even though they slip in an extra round.

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