DeSantis 2x2x2 Pouch: Convenient Spare Wheel Gun Ammo

Depending on who you ask, the revolver is far from dead. Personally, I love the feel of rolling a wheelgun’s trigger through double action. Depending on the mood, I’ll carry a revolver from time to time and regularly enjoy getting some range time on them. When carrying a revolver, the biggest issue is comfortably carrying spare ammunition. Speedloaders aren’t exactly slim, and Bianchi Speed Strips aren’t the easiest to grab from a pocket. However, the DeSantis 2x2x2 revolver ammunition pouch is a great solution for those of us dedicated to carrying the venerable wheel gun for protection.

What is the DeSantis 2x2x2?

Simply put, the DeSantis 2x2x2 is a pouch to hold spare revolver cartridges. At first glance, this design appears mind-numbingly simple. However, there’s some forethought behind the 2x2x2’s design and features. While nothing revolutionary or groundbreaking, the DeSantis 2x2x2 defines simplicity. Then again, when you’re running a revolver, simplicity is the name of the game.

DeSantis 2x2x2 with ammunition
The DeSantis 2x2x2 pouch conveniently carries six rounds of .38 Special or .357 Magnum. Simplicity is definitely the big win with this little pouch.

The DeSantis 2x2x2 is a leather pouch with three slots. Each slot holds two rounds of .38 Special or .357 Magnum for a total of six cartridges. The 2x2x2 takes up just a little more space than a credit card. Since it holds the cartridges in line with each other, it has almost no obvious footprint or bulge on the waistband. Compared to wearing a speedloader carrier on the belt, the DeSantis 2x2x2 is almost invisible and doesn’t scream, “Gun!”. While this provides some rationale for the creation of the 2x2x2, there’s much more behind why the 2x2x2 exists, and if you carry a revolver, you should have one in your loadout.

Revolvers Aren’t Semi-Autos

Yes, they’re two completely different types of firearms; it’s common sense. Anyone with some firearm experience knows semi-autos feed from a magazine, while revolvers utilize moon clips, speed strips, speedloaders, and/or loose rounds for topping off. While semi-auto reloads are as simple as swapping magazines, revolvers have a little more variety and skill behind them. Furthermore, they definitely require more practice to become competent for defensive purposes. Seconds seem like hours when reloading a revolver from loose rounds in your pocket. After shooting a wheel gun on the range for a few hours, returning to a semi-auto almost feels like cheating.

Loading ammunition into revolver
The author loads a J-frame Smith & Wesson 642 from the 2x2x2. Whether your revolver holds five, six, or more rounds; this little pouch is extremely convenient for emergency or tactical reloads. In this photo, the pouch is threaded behind the belt instead of using the included belt loops.

The DeSantis 2x2x2 isn’t the only option for carrying spare revolver ammunition. However, it’s a practical and intelligent one. For example, the tactical or combat reload is a common method of ammunition management for defensive shooting. This technique has carried over into shooting sports as an extension of defensive shooting. There’s nothing worse than running out of ammunition and needing to complete a poorly timed magazine change during a competition. In a gunfight, it sucks even worse. Accordingly, it’s worth training to keep your gun topped off with ammunition when it’s safe and appropriate to do so. Conceptually, revolvers are no different. However, the mechanics differ vastly.

The DeSantis 2x2x2’s design offers spare revolver ammunition conveniently and discreetly while serving as an emergency stash of easily accessible loose rounds. Need to top off your gun with a couple of rounds? The 2x2x2 easily fulfills that need. While the reasoning behind the 2x2x2 is straightforward, running it as part of your loadout has some considerations.

DeSantis 2x2x2 Options

The DeSantis 2x2x2 includes two features for belt carry, such as slots to accommodate up to roughly a 1.5-inch-wide belt. This option requires removing the belt to remove the pouch. While I’m a strong advocate for ensuring your gear is adequately fastened to your belt, sometimes it’s convenient to quickly remove or attach a gun and spare ammunition if circumstances dictate.

Belt Loops
The belt loop slots on the 2x2x2. Note the gap on the left side of the pouch between the backer and the pouch. This allows the belt to slide between the backer and pouch for easy on-and-off.

The DeSantis 2x2x2 isolates into several parts: the pouch, leather backer with belt slots, and snap cover attached to the leather backer. The leather backer is sewn at the pouch’s bottom. At first glance, it may seem like the design allows the rounds to sag away from the body for easy access. While this conclusion makes sense, this design also serves another purpose. The space between the pouch and leather backer also accommodates a belt and acts as a quick on-and-off carry option.

To attach the 2x2x2 without the belt slots, unsnap the pouch, slide the top cover, and snap behind your belt from the bottom. Pull the pouch so the sewn section attaching the backer to the pouch sits at the bottom of the belt’s edge. From there, you can fold the top flap over the cartridges and securely snap it.

While some folks may pause at this configuration, I’ve personally used the 2x2x2 and some custom options (I had one made locally for .44 magnum) in this configuration. After several revolver classes and training sessions, I’ve not experienced a malfunction or failure with the carrier setup like this. It’s extremely convenient to load up or disarm when needed while remaining retained.

Carrying the DeSantis 2x2x2

For those versed in semi-auto carry, spare ammunition carries on the non-dominant side. Positioning magazines in this location makes reloads easy and convenient. However, revolver reloads with this configuration become awkward and complex. For revolvers, the shooter transitions the handgun to their non-dominant hand to conduct the reload. As a result, spare revolver ammunition is commonly carried at the front of the waistband or dominant side of the firearm.

The DeSantis 2x2x2 sits comfortably just forward of the firearm’s holster. As mentioned earlier, its small footprint doesn’t crowd out your belt line, and the slim profile doesn’t interfere with bending over or sitting down.

DeSantis 2x2x2 with speed strip
The 2x2x2 is compatible with speed strips. This Bianchi Speed Strip sat nicely and securely in the pouch.

The DeSantis 2x2x2 carries more than just loose rounds. If desired, a speed strip works great with the 2x2x2. Earlier, I mentioned the convenience of speed strips. However, speed strips often end up in pockets or otherwise less-than-accessible locations. The 2x2x2 gives those carrying speed strips an easy solution for consistent placement of their spare ammunition. Whether requiring a full cylinder of ammunition or just a couple of rounds, you can easily retain the speed strip in the pouch.

The Final Verdict on the 2x2x2

Revolvers aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, so some folks could care less about a revolver ammunition pouch. However, the DeSantis 2x2x2 is definitely a must-have for anyone carrying a revolver. This pouch is outstanding for its convenient and discreet carry of spare revolver ammunition. It’s comfortable, accessible, and practical.

For my fellow wheel gun enthusiasts, if you don’t own a 2x2x2 as you read this, you should. The DeSantis 2x2x2 is currently available on GunMagWarehouse for $39.99. The cost is well worth the rewards. Who would have thought a simple leather pouch would be so beneficial to carrying a wheel gun?

Tom Stilson began his firearms career in 2012 working a gun store counter. He progressed to conducting appraisals for fine and collectible firearms before working as the firearms compliance merchant for a major outdoor retailer. In 2015, he entered public service and began his law enforcement career. Tom has a range of experience working for big and small as well as urban and rural agencies. Among his qualifications, Tom is certified as a firearms instructor, field trainer, and in special weapons and tactics. If not on his backyard range, he spends his time with family or spreading his passion for firearms and law enforcement.

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