Good’nuff Gun Belt Kit: Gone Too Soon

Arbor Arms USA makes some of the best gear on the market. I love their sling and have heard nothing but good things about their gear. From belts to plate carriers, Arbor Arms makes it all. Typically, their gear is aimed at the high-level user. It’s made to last and for pros by pros. A while back, they introduced a really interesting piece of gear called the Good’nuff Gun Belt Kit.

This kit was aimed at the new user and offered a very affordable gun belt with everything you need to run and gun. Well, mostly. As they said, it was the Good’nuff Gun Belt Kit. The idea was to provide a holster, two rifle pouches, and two pistol pouches for about $50 shipped. The Good’nuff Gun Belt kit is simple but made by a quality company. Sadly, the Good’nuff Gun Belt Kit didn’t last and has been discontinued.

good'nuff gun belt kit
The belt is a complete kit for only about 50 bucks.

I imagine it’s tough for a high-end company with high-end users to break into the new gun owner market. Arbor Arms gear is priced very fairly, but it’s not cheap. Sadly, most new shooters use cheap gear and won’t stumble across Arbor Arms early. Most guys and gals looking for a belt from Arbor Arms want the SALT or Ambush belts.

Unfortunately, while it’s discontinued, I got my hands on one. It turns out they have a few of the gray models left, and you can write them and order one. Should you order one? Well, let’s dig into it.

Why not the Good’nuff Gun Belt?

If you already have a belt or chest rig, then the Good’nuff won’t impress you. It’s too simple and thin with gear designed to occupy slots you likely already have plenty of. The Good’nuff Gun Belt isn’t for guys and gals who already have their setup. You might ask why I have one. Personally, I liked the idea when it came out. It’s almost a collector’s item to me. I just got lucky Arbor Arms had a few extra ‘in the back’ and I acquired one.

Where the Good’nuff Belt Shines

If they still made the belt, I would likely keep a few on hand to arm friends and family with a handgun holster and some extra mags in a bad scenario. Let’s say China invades and you need to arm some underprepared friends and family with an odd assortment of guns and gear. They work great for that role.

Molle belt
The belt is super thin but has plenty of room for all sorts of stuff.

For a less dramatic use, they’re a great option for new competitors who show up to matches without the required gear or for a first-timer’s day. It’s a simple, very adjustable belt with a universal holster and mag pouches. While they won’t make you the fastest competitor, they’ll get you started. Honestly though, when you’re new, speed isn’t a big deal.

Also, it’s intended to be a budget newbie gun belt. As such, it’s functional for that role and purpose. The belt sets you up and allows for training as you skimp and save for the SALT or Ambush belts.

Does the Good’nuff Gun Belt Work?

The universal holster design is literally called a gun bucket. It looks like a big empty pouch and not much more. The holster design isn’t high-speed by any means. Basically, it’s a bag you drop a gun in. The bag accepts a compact or full-size handgun. Ultimately, nothing smaller than a Glock 19 would work well. The open bottom accepts accessories, so it’s big enough for weapon-mounted lights.

If you don’t have a weapon-mounted light, the bucket has a hook-and-loop fastener on the inside. This allows you to seal the gun bucket around the gun to better fit the gun to the holster. It’s not exactly optimal though. Admittedly, I feel a little nervous using it with a chambered modern striker-fired gun without a manual safety. Call me a safety Nazi, but I want rigid trigger protection.

gun and gun belt
The gun bucket works with and without a weapon light on most full-size and compact handguns.

If it’s on something like the CZ P09 with its heavy double-action trigger, then I don’t mind. I actually used that gun to test the belt. A bungee cord straps around the top of the gun and secures it in the gun bucket. The gun bucket slides easily on the belt. I recommend getting the position you want and using a zip tie to secure the holster to the belt’s PALs webbing to keep it from moving.

With an Inforce WILD2, the P09 fit with ease. It wasn’t spectacular, but it doesn’t move and is easy to retrieve and put into action. Defeating the bungee cord retention slows you down though. It’s definitely not an ALS lever. However, for the money, it works. When running, the gun stays put and doesn’t bounce.

good'nuff gun holster retention
It’s a simple retention device, but it works.

The Pouches

Besides the Good’nuff belt and holster, we have a set of kangaroo-type magazine pouches. The setup features two rifle mag pouches with a pistol pouch on the front. The rifle pouches can accommodate a number of magazines. AR-15 mags and sub-gun magazines like Scorpion and Colt SMG mags fit well. Passive retention holds the mags in place with friction, but the pouches can accommodate bungee cords for greater retention.

good'nuff pouches
I want three or maybe four of these made into a chest rig.

I love the fact the universal mag pouches work so well. It’s easy to accommodate a ton of guns and shooters. Being able to run 9mm sub-gun mags or 5.56 mags and nearly anything in between is nice. It seemed to top out with smaller mags and wouldn’t fit an AR-10 or Sentry 12 magazine.

The pistol mag carriers work with big hefty double stack .45 ACP and 10mm magazines down to single stack 9mm options. Anything smaller than a compact-length magazine might not fit well. Furthermore, anything thinner than a single stack .380 magazine might not fit well either.

I would honestly love the mag pouches for other setups. Man, if Arbor Arms wants to throw me for a loop, build a Good’nuff chest rig with three of these in a line. That would be fantastic. I would use these pouches on other rigs if they were available.

The Belt

The belt is very thin, design-wise. Its two belt loop attachment points mount it to your normal pants belt. A simple polymer buckle secures up front. The belt’s material is strong, thin, and light. With plenty of laser-cut MOLLE slots, the user can continually add to the belt. Adding an IFAK, tool pouch, etc isn’t too tough either.

good'nuff belt mag pouches
The magazine pouches can fit rifle and sub-gun mags.

The Good’nuff gun belt won’t blow your mind, but it’s well-made and easy to use. The buckle is super simple and likely won’t take a great beating. It’s a polymer clip; nothing more, nothing less. The belt’s thin design is begging for some keepers to attach it to your pants belt for a more rigid option.


I really like the idea of modern, high-end gear companies making more affordable options for the everyday or new shooter. Instead of getting stuck with an Amazon special, you can get something simple but very well-made. The Good’nuff gun belt is just that, but sadly, it’s no more (unless you email and ask, maybe they have a few left in the back).

Travis Pike is a former Marine Machine Gunner and a lifelong firearms enthusiast. Now that his days of working a 240B like Charlie Parker on the sax are over he's a regular guy who likes to shoot, write, and find ways to combine the two. He holds an NRA certification as a Basic Pistol Instructor and is probably most likely the world's Okayest firearm instructor. He is a simplicisist when it comes to talking about himself in the 3rd person and a self-professed tactical hipster. Hit him up on Instagram, @travis.l.pike, with story ideas.

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