Sig Sauer P320 XTEN: Custom Shop Endure Edition Review

I have a soft spot for the 10mm. One of my first 10mm handguns was the Colt Delta Elite, and I have since been drawn back to this caliber again and again. I have continued to collect and carry 10mms through the decades, most notably the Glock 20 and 29. Though my wife is less explicitly devoted to the 10mm, she is a fan of Sig Sauer firearms. She appreciates the home defense round, and when Sig Sauer released the P220 Hunter in 10mm, it became her preferred home defense handgun. However, I am partial to the P320 myself.

Sig Sauer P320

Since its release in 2014, the Sig Sauer P320 has become one of the more popular striker-fired semi-automatic handguns worldwide and is currently available chambered in 9mm Luger, .40 S&W, .357 Sig, .45 ACP, and 10mm. Versions of the P320 (M17 and M18) won the U.S. Army’s new handgun contract in 2017, becoming the new handgun of the U.S. Army.

Though the design has been controversial due to claims of accidental discharge and various lawsuits, the P320 has continued to be adopted throughout the world and has become one of the most sold guns in the U.S. My personal experiences and experiences with various agencies with the P320 line have been positive, and I have seen no issues with the function or reliability of these guns.

Though I own a few Sig Sauer handguns, my wife drives our ever-growing collection. When Sig Sauer announced the P320 XTEN, she was, of course, interested. Though she liked the overall design, she was not in love with the P320’s initial release, which was 10mm in size, when it came out in 2022.

This changed when our local gun shop got the P320 XTEN Custom Shop Endure limited edition. From the presentation to the grip surface to the topographic patterned Cerakoted slide, she was sold, and I picked it up for her the next day I was in the gun store.

Sig Sauer P320 XTEN and Case
The custom work on the P320 XTEN Endure is clear to see.

The Stats

Views of the P320 XTEN
The P320 XTEN Endure comes with night sights and is optic-ready.

The Sig P320 XTEN Custom Shop Endure is designed as an all-weather limited edition (apparently 2,500) 10mm for the great outdoors. This 10mm handgun comes with three 15-round metal magazines, night sights, and a challenge coin in a combination lock carry case. The firearm is full-sized with a 5-inch barrel, 1.3-inch width, 8.5-inch length, 8.5-inch height, and weighs 33 oz unloaded. The frame is polymer, the slide is stainless steel, and the firearm contains an X-series flat trigger. This is the first release in a planned Endure series of firearms designed for the toughest outdoor conditions. The slide is fully Cerakoted and is optic-ready.

The Subjective

Let’s start with the frame. It is typical of the full-frame P320s in form and function, with a more aggressive grip surface (front, back, and sides) featuring a three-mountain graphic in the texture on the two sides. The slide lock easily engages, and the take-down lever allows for easy field stripping of the gun. The grip surface provides room for a strong two-hand grip without being overly large. The X-series flat trigger provides a straight trigger from which to press the trigger, and the initial uptake before hitting stronger resistance is 1/4th of an inch. From this position, it is a further 1/8th of an inch before the trigger break (releasing the striker). Reset is another 1/8th of an inch forward and is crisp with an audible and tactile click.

According to my Wheeler trigger gauge, the trigger pull is slightly over 2 pounds and is easy to manipulate. The only caveat on this trigger is that I am not a huge fan of the X-Series break. Though it is consistent, it feels a little mushy to me on the break. This is certainly not a deal killer and is only noticeable during a purposeful slow trigger pull and not when running the gun.

Aesthetics and Feel

The slide is very attractive with front and back serrations, a metal optic plate, and X-RAY day/night sights. The front and rear sights are visible in full darkness without being overly bright. The recoil spring guide rod is made of metal and the overall fit of the slide is worthy of the Custom Shop name. A potential downside for some shooters is the recoil spring is relatively stiff, which means racking the firearm is harder than other similar handguns chambered in smaller rounds.

Overall, I liked the fit and feel of this handgun and appreciated the quality that went into its construction. It felt good and was slightly forward-heavy on the balance (presenting the gun). It should be noted that I find almost all Sig Sauer P320s to have this forward balance issue, and it is likely a me thing, not a Sig Sauer thing.

P320 XTEN and Glock 20
I shot the P320 XTEN Endure back to back with the similarly sized Glock 20 in 10mm.

Off to the Range

The final right of passage for any new gun is a trip to the range to see how it performs with live rounds shot through it. For this christening, I used Armscor 10mm 180 Grain FMJ, listed as 1,008 fps at the muzzle with 406 ft-lbs of energy. To compare, I chose the Glock 20, a similar polymer-frame 10mm handgun.

The Glock 20 is not as fancy as the P320 XTEN, but they are similar in size and function. The Glock 20 used is my GSSF Outdoor Generation 4 competition handgun, with the only modification being the addition of granulated talon grips (providing a similar grip surface to the P320 X10’s more aggressive grip surface). Targets were steel and resealing targets set at 45 feet.

Performance and Reliability

Neither gun had any issues with function, firing, chambering, or reloading. The Glock 20 had the advantage of being far more well-known to me, but I am happy to report the P320 XTEN was very similar in feel and function. Both are harder recoiling than a similarly sized 9mm, but despite this increase in felt and perceived recoil, both were very manageable.

I was genuinely surprised at how much I liked this 10mm. The trigger ran very effectively under live fire, and I enjoyed the relatively easy trigger pull.   I will still always prefer heavier, fully metal handguns for shooting 10mm, but that is my own personal preference. The lighter P320 XTEN provided a functional balance between carry weight and recoil management. I was just as accurate with the Glock 20 and the Sig P320 XTEN. My wife, though also well acquainted with Glocks, prefers her Sig Sauers and, no surprise, preferred the P320 XTEN to the Glock 20. We both preferred the trigger on the Sig Sauer P320 XTEN but thought the Glock was slightly better balanced during recoil.

P320 XTEN two closeups
The Sig Sauer P320 XTEN looked as nice as it performed.


Though the Sig Sauer P320 XTEN Endure is more expensive than the Glock 20, it is within similarly priced 10mms on the market and provides a fair amount of additional options for the cost. This included the Cerakoting, night sights, optic ready, lockable case, challenge coin, and overall look and feel. The Sig Sauer P320 XTEN Endure is specifically marketed as a rugged outdoor carry gun chambered in 10mm. If this is something you are looking for or just want to add a 10mm handgun to your collection, I strongly recommend this gun.

Joel Nadler is the Training Director at Indy Arms Company in Indianapolis and co-owner of Tactical Training Associates.  He writes for several gun-focused publications and is an avid supporter of the right to self-sufficiency, including self-defense. Formerly a full professor, he has a Ph.D. in Psychology and now works as a senior consultant living on a horse ranch in rural Indiana.  Feel free to follow him on Instagram @TacticalPhD.

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