Ruger Mini-14 6.8mm SPC 5-Round Magazine


Ruger Mini-14 6.8mm SPC 5-Round Magazine


SKU: 90332


  • Factory magazine

  • Ruger magazine

  • Fits: Ruger Mini-14

  • 6.8mm Remington SPC

  • 5-Round Capacity



This is a 6.8 SPC factory 5-round magazine for Ruger Mini-14 rifles

Ruger’s Mini-14 is the world’s most popular ranch rifle—with a Garand-inspired action that delivers precision, value, and rugged reliability on the ranch, the range, or out on the hunt. For maximum Mini-14 performance, trust only Ruger factory magazines …

Designed in collaboration with the U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit, the 6.8mm “Special Purpose Cartridge” (SPC) brings a whole new level of accuracy and stopping power to the Mini-14. These 5-round steel magazines are designed to make the most of this revolutionary new round while ensuring optimum fit and function with your 6.8mm Mini-14 rifle.

These 5-round factory magazines are ideal for shooting from benchrest, prone, target practice and long-range work. Add a few to your kit today!