Kimber PepperBlaster® II, Gray


Kimber PepperBlaster® II, Gray


SKU: LA98002


  • PepperBlaster® II, Gray

  • Sights for Better Accuracy 

  • Ergonomic Grip

  • Two Highly Concentrated Pepper Solution Shots



This is a Kimber PepperBlaster II self-defense weapon, Gray.

Kimber’s PepperBlaster II is a radical new innovation on traditional pepper spray designed for easy concealment and maximum effect.

Featuring two gunpowder-actuated, highly-concentrated pepper gel charges (2.4% Capsaicinoids) firing at over 90mph, the PepperBlaster II offers practically instant deterrence when compared to the slower spray of most canisters. Its familiar shape and basic sights help shooters hit their target at ranges of up to 13 feet.

With its compact size and special safety tab (designed to prevent accidental discharge), the Kimber PepperBlaster II drops easily into a purse or pocket, and gives you crucial defense solutions when you need them most.

This PepperBlaster features a gray polymer shell to maximize discreet concealability for everyday carry.