Art Deco Pistols – The Early Days of Semi-Auto Pistols

Early pistols predate art deco but sure encapsulate the look. Here's a round up of some fascinating early semi-auto pistols.

The Five Most Dangerous Guns [to the Shooter]

What are the most dangerous guns? Good question! We’ve gathered five of the most dangerous guns for the end user.

What’s (Not?) to Love about Oddball Calibers?

Weird calibers are like a fun hobby—not practical for every day, heavy use—but they do have a certain appeal. What would you add to this list?

The Top Six Normal Guns With Weird Features

I appreciate creative firearms designers. Sometimes they create truly revolutionary weapons that change the world. Sometimes they make silly weapons that give me a laugh and something to write about. Other times — and these are rarest times —they create regular guns with weird features. I’ve gathered six relatively normal firearms with some peculiar characteristics. […]

Weird Magazine Designs — Breaking Down the Odd

I love a good weird magazine and I don't mean Ripley's Believe It Or Not. If you're like me you'll want to take a look at this collection of weird magazine designs.

The Top Five Weird Guns of the Old West

The Old West was fraught with weapon innovations — some were just weird. Here are the top five weird guns of the Old West.

11 Weird Russian Guns — Beyond the Kalashnikov

Who doesn't love weird firearms? What happens when you add a splash of vodka?Well, you get our list of weird Russian guns, that's what.

The Altor Pistol — A Modern CIA Deer Gun

The Altor Pistol is a single shot 9mm handgun that is strikingly similar to the CIA's Deer gun. Similar, but much better in design.

The Best Weird Guns — Strange, but Functional

Weird guns are my all-time favorite guns. Normal guns bore me rather fast. I like the weird, the silly, and sometimes impractical. I also own a good variety of weird guns. Some of them absolutely suck coughUSFAZIPGuncough, but others do this crazy thing where they actually work. These weird guns may not always be immensely […]

Weird Guns – Six Headscratchers That Kill Me

Weird guns: these bizarre firearm designs leave you wondering why. It drives me to drink, but I think you might enjoy what kills me slowly.

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