Metalform Mags for Your 1911 Commander in .38 Super

Sometimes an overlooked cartridge, the .38 Super has an interesting history with devoted followers. Here are 6 mags for your 1911 Commander in .38 Super.

Ruger BX-25 Mags — All the Goods

Ready to up your 10/22 game? These Ruger BX-25 extended mags double your training and plinking fun. Keep 'em clean with dust covers, too.

Best AK Mags: steel-reinforced Bulgarian jobs are on the list

What are the best AK mags? Opinions may vary, but we think these steel-reinforce Bulgarian AK47 magazines are on the list. Prob'ly right up top.

Top Five AR Magazines for the Money

Thanks to huge amounts of cross compatibility, there are a ton of options when it comes to AR magazines. Here are my top five.

ProMag: Five Reasons To Take a Second Look

When you run into a magazine-based problem that’s not easy to solve, ProMag likely has a solution for you.

3 Solid XD Compact .45 ACP Magazine Options

Got an XD Compact in .45 ACP? Here are three solid factory magazine options, whether you need to replace your originals or add to your backups.

A Dry Fire Magazine?

The Dry Fire Mag is an interesting option for dry firing at home (hence the name). It's not the only option, but it deserves a look. It may well change the way you will think about dry fire practice.

Home defense magazines: reloading at home

Home defense magazines. Are they different than other mag choices? Are considerations for home invasion defense different than other- and elsewhere?

All About the Magpul D-60 Drum Magazine — Bang It

Drums typically suck. Well, they don't anymore thanks to Magpul's D-60 drum magazine. What else gives you 60 rounds of 5.56 in one mag?

Five Magazine Upgrades You Can Do Today

You can upgrade dang near anything firearm-wise these days. You know what a lot of shooters overlook? Magazine upgrades, and we've got five for you.

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