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Magpul Pro 700 Lite SA

One of several new Magpul announcments, the company has expanded their Pro 700 Lite stock with a version for Short Action Remington 700s. 

DEFCON Creative’s Compact Red Dot Showdown

DEFCON Creative reviews the Springfield Armory HEX Wasp RDS, the Trijicon RMRcc, and the Holosun 507K X2. Which red dot sight wins?

Hellacious Upgrades: Hellcat Accessories and Hellcat Holster Options

Do you prefer any Springfield Hellcat accessories? What Hellcat Holster do you use? That's not a rhetorical question. OWB, IWB? Upgraded trigger? Magazine extensions? Help with this list!

High Speed Gear APEX: New Rifle Slings and Sling Mounts

Rifle slings should be a part of any long gun set-up, which of course means you need sling mounts or QD attachments. Here are some options.

Lever Action Rifles: We’re all about lever gun love!

Many of us feel a fierce and terrible lever gun love...and everyone else is wrong. He re are a few examples we have to share with ya!

Concealed Carry Comparison: Glock 43X vs 48

Glock 43X vs 48: what are the differences, why are there differences, and how does this affect someone's choice about which to carry?

Badass Bullpup Shotgun Options: SRM 1216, ATI Bulldog and RIA VRBP 100

Sometimes a gun comes along that won't fit neatly into a single category. Several models of bullpup shotgun are examples thereof.

“Pistols of the Warlords” by Ian McCollum

Ian McCallum of Forgotten Weapons (aka Gun Jesus) has a new book about the handguns that Chinese warlords used. Get yer history on!

Glock 43 vs 43X: a Face-Off

What is the difference between the Glock 43 vs 43X? How are they the same? Are the 43 and 43X slides identical? Let’s clear up some confusion.

Full Visibility on ETS Glock Mags

ETS Glock mags are in their second generation. Although they've made transparent magazines (well, ~ish) for years now, there is always room for improvement. Here is some full visibility on ETS mags.

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