Big Capacity for the new CMMG Banshee – Kriss MagEx 12+

CMMG's Banshee runs off of standard Glock 21 mags. They're solid mags, but limit capacity. Kriss's MagEx extenders offer a great solution. Here's how they work.

Increase CCW Capacity with Extended Magazines

Just because your concealed carry gun is small doesn't mean you have to carry small magazines. Get the most from your pistol with mag extensions, or longer magazines.

Mag of the Month: IMI UZI 25-round

<p>One of the first domestically-designed firearms to emerge from the newly-formed nation of Israel, was the UZI submachinegun. Chambered in 9mm parabellum and operating VIA direct blowback, the UZI was a light-recoiling....</p>

How to modify Tapco Intrafuse mags for the IWI ACE

<p>The IWI ACE is an awesome little carbine, with dozens of great features - but it does have a dark side... sort of. It doesn't like to run with magazines that are too wide - like the Tapco Intrafuse AK magazine. Thankfully, you can modifiy these magazines in just 10 minutes, to run in your Galil ACE 52.</p>

Sand PMAGs: The Bacon Edition

<p>Someone dyed a Sand PMAG to resemble Bacon.</p>

Ensuring Defensive Magazine Reliability

<p>The gun and the ammo are the two factors that most people consider when it comes to reliability, but there is a third, very important item to think about when it comes to the reliability of your defensive gun.  That is the magazine.</p>

Extra Capacity for your Compact Glock

With a full-size Glock mag in a compact Glock, you add capacity, reloads are easier, and its easier to keep up with full-sized guns in class.

Two Easy Ways to Upgrade Your USGI Mags

<p>Looking to enhance the performance and reliability of your USGI magazines? I've got several easy DIY solutions.</p>

SIG MPX Magazines: Compatibility Between Generations

<p>The SIG MPX is an amazing platform, but are first gen magazines compatible with second gen guns? What about new mags in the old firearms? I take a look at the compatibility issue as well as how to ID each magazine.</p>

Lube For Your Magazine

<p>Lucas Oil makes lubricants for all sorts of applications. They have a lube for pistol magazines.</p>

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