Home defense magazines: reloading at home

Home defense magazines. Are they different than other mag choices? Are considerations for home invasion defense different than other- and elsewhere?

All About the Magpul D-60 Drum Magazine — Bang It

Drums typically suck. Well, they don't anymore thanks to Magpul's D-60 drum magazine. What else gives you 60 rounds of 5.56 in one mag?

Five Magazine Upgrades You Can Do Today

You can upgrade dang near anything firearm-wise these days. You know what a lot of shooters overlook? Magazine upgrades, and we've got five for you.

AK 47 Magazine Muster: for your Kalash Collection

It's hard to choose the best AK 47 magazine, but that's largely because there so many robust, reliable, even non-Russki options available.

Glock Magazines: Some Other Options (and why)

Glock magazines now come from places other than Glock itself. While someimes less reliable, these "off brand" mags have a place in your range bag.

Clear(ed) hot: full transparency about see through clipazines

Clear magazine options: looking for something see-through to feed your AR, AK, or favorite handgun? Read on and select the right transparent "clipazine" for you.

G43X/48: Glock Slimline Mags and Accessories for Work and Pleasure

G43X and G48: their continued popularity has led to a whole slew of aftermarket Glock 43X accessories and Glock 48 upgrades. We've seen an increasing number of new Glock 43X magazine and Glock 48 mag options too.

Bang the Drum Magazine Slowly: a History of Drum Mags

Drum magazines have been around pretty much since the first magazine-fed weapons hit the battlefield. Here's a look at some them and how they developed. 

Rusty Range Find: Will it Work?

I kicked up an old GLOCK 17 magazine on the range. Time to knock of the dirt and see if she still works.

Magazine Segregation: Don’t Cross the Uppers

If you run multiple calibers from guns that look strikingly similar (or can even run from the same magazine), you need to develop a strategy to keep things organized.

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