The Return of the US Palm AK30 Magazines – Do They Suck?

Century Arms has brought back the famed US Palm AK30 magazines. So do they live up to the US Palm reputation?

Lancer Mags for your AR-15 in .223 / 5.56

For AR-15 mags which is better—metal or polymer? With Lancer mags, you really can have the best of both worlds? Here's how.

“AK Banana Clips”: Get Your Banana Mag and Morale Patch

A banana magazine is a curved magazine for a firearm. A "banana clip" usually holds 30 rounds. Some are more banana-like than others, though.

Top Five Beretta M9 and 92FS Magazines

Looking for some new mags for your old warhorse? Check out these M9 magazines. They're ideal for the Beretta. Get the old 92 back out on the range!

Top Five AK Mags for the Money

Just like its freedom-loving rival, the AR, your AK-47 has the glorious feature of cross-compatibility. These are the top 5 AK mags to keep your hungry AK satisfied.

ProMags for the 1911 Government in .45 ACP

Whether your 1911 government needs standard-capacity 7-round mags or higher capacity 8, 10, or 15 round mags, ProMag makes 'em — all for under $25.  

ProMag’s Sig P365 Drum — 50 Rounds of Silly

Ever wanna shove a drum in your Sig P365? Oh, you don't. Well, I have a P365 drum for you anyways. Does it work? Let's find out.

Wilson Combat Mags for 1911s in 9mm

If you're looking to add some Wilson Combat 1911 9mm magazines to your range bag, you already know the high-quality machining, customer service, and reliability that goes with the brand. Check out these models.

KCI Magazines — Three Reasons Why They Deserve a Second Look

KCI Magazines come from Korea. While cheap, they perform better than you'd expect. Here are three reasons why they deserve a second look.

Metalform Mags for Your 1911 Commander in .38 Super

Sometimes an overlooked cartridge, the .38 Super has an interesting history with devoted followers. Here are 6 mags for your 1911 Commander in .38 Super.

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