KCI Mags for the B&T APC9/GHM9: Better Than Factory Mags?

Jeremy Stone tests the new 30-round KCI mag for the B&T APC9/GHM9 carbine. How does it compare to the factory mag? You may be surprised!

Clearly Different: ETS Gen 2 AR-15 30-Round Magazine with Coupler

These ETS Gen 2 AR-15 30-round magazines are built to last. Here's how they're holding up after nearly 800 rounds through different firearms.

ATI Schmeisser 60 Round Casket Mag: How Does It Compare to the Drum?

High-capacity mags are great, we all know, but size, shape, and weight can be an issue. How does the casket mag compare to a drum mag?

ProMag 18-Round Mag for Glock 44: It Fills a Void Left by the OEM

Magazine veteran ProMag steps up with a Glock 44 magazine that means business: an 18-rounder that looks and acts like the Glock OEM mags but with the extra rounds we craved from the start.

The Truth About Sig MPX Mags

For the Sig MPX, you have two 35-round magazine options: Sig Sauer or Thril. Which should you choose? Jeremy digs into the details.

The Beretta 30 Round Mag: Double Your Capacity

Extended magazines are all the rage because more ammo is a good thing. The folks at Beretta think so too and they have a sweet 30 round mag for some of their most popular models.

The Magpul D-50 PCC Drum — Ripping and Roaring

Magpul cracked the code for drum magazines. If you are rocking and rolling with a Glock pattern PCC, then the D-50 PCC is the mag for you.

Firearms Compatible with Glock Mags — What Are the Benefits?

Glock mags have become the easiest handgun magazine to find. Give some thought to the idea of using multiple weapons with the same magazine platform.  

Top, Side, and Bottom Mounted Magazines — Do the Hokey Pokey

We've looked at odd and interesting magazines in the past, but today we are looking at where the magazine is mounted on the gun: bottom, side, and top. 

Glock Mags Versus The World

The world of PCCs is dominated by Glock mags, but are they the best choice compared to proprietary mags? That's what we aim to explore today.

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